Gaming Podcasts in 2018

I might have mentioned it, I’m listening to a few podcasts, originally the list was pretty small, but it kinda grew over time:

  • Battle Bards – I think this was the first podcast I listened to regularly
  • AggroChat – I’ve listened to every episode except for 2 that are on my todo list (145 and 151)
  • Massively Overpowered – Listened to it for a while in the past and again lately. I like it, but I’m not so much interested in “gaming news” as in the hosts telling stories about exploits.
  • All Things Geekery – Stumbled over this via Blaugust Reborn and listened to the whole Season 2.
  • I used to listen to a few EVE podcasts while I was playing, but I don’t really remember right now
  • And too bad that Cat Context hasn’t been running for a while πŸ™

As to how I’m listening? Only when I’m playing something moderately grindy, e.g. leveling in a zone for the umpteenth time where I already know all the quests. Doesn’t work for cutscene-heavy stuff, e.g. GW2’s personal story, or KotFE or KotET in SWTOR. Works fine for all the levels in between (and I can easily pause it for the important cutscenes). Sometimes it’s even “I want to listen to the latest episode of X, so I may as well level a bit in the meantime” πŸ˜›
I already bookmarked a handful of other gaming podcasts during this month and will have a look at them, but if you have any recommendations, please do post them! (Preferably no Twitch/etc streams, please, I’m really not a fan of live content and/or the usual content of streams.)

PS:Β Blaugust has startedΒ and this is my thirtieth post. Stay tuned for a summary tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Gaming Podcasts in 2018”

  1. I miss Cat Context too. πŸ™
    If you want to listen to some people talk about SWTOR, I have a bunch of SWTOR podcasts listed on my blog sidebar. I’ve also been meaning to do a proper post about them again though, which I should really get done soon. If you can wait for that it should have some more info. πŸ˜›

    1. Cool, will check it, thanks. I’m usually really bad at reading people’s sidebars 😐 Also I read most posts through RSS and only check the websites from time to time…

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