A tale of Bagspace

I’m one of the people who can’t ever have enough bagspace. Seriously.
I just stumbled upon this nice post by KarthisAndrew of Teeth and Claws, back when he played WoW. I’ve not so much got raiding stuff in my bags nowadays, but it’s still full. Basically on every character I have, and it’s not that I abuse all my alts as bank characters. 70 Hunter – Leather, 70 Priest – Enchanting mats, 70 Warlock – all Northrend food, 7x Mage – Engineering mats, 80 Shaman & Druid – Herbs, 80 Warrior – Ore and Bars, 6x Paladin – Gems and JC mats… No wonder they’re all mostly full. Then the older characters (Rogue, Warrior and Druid especially) have a bank full of old Tier gear I don’t want to delete or sell and a ton of other stuff. Soo glad mounts and pets are spells nowadays.
But let’s get to the gory details:

Let’s examine this from left to right and from top to bottom.
First there’s a column of spare gear and gems, next to it buff food and scrolls and costumes 😛
The whole row of epics in the middle is my seldomly used pvp gear, below are poisons and then consumables and fun stuff.
Below the poisons are even more consumables, flasks, pots, Nagrand cherries, Noggenfogger, Speed Pot reagents, a Direbrew remote (working on Thorium Brotherhood rep, so need that every few days) and an Iron Boot Flask.
Then there’s an assortment of Drums, a Yeti, Bandages, Ogri’la Healthstones, a Horde Banner, PvP trinket, Fishing Equipment.
Bottom row is Hearthstone, free Black Temple teleport, Skinning Knife, Proxy of Nozdormu, Thieves’ Tools, Memento, AQ rep stuff, Piccolo, more Fishing.
And another one:
Top two rows: Leftover trinkets, Quest items, Wolvar RAWR, Wormhole Generator, Flasks, Buff stuff
Next two rows: More quest items, buff items, potions and elixirs
Now the immensely long rows:
First, food and more potions
Second, ZG rep items (doing a run for rep and mounts whenever there is time), then arrows and 2 pieces of PvP gear 😛
Third, Food again (hmm..), quest item for UBRS key (yay), Noggenfogger, Seeds, Nagrand Cherries, Bombs, Health Potions, Runes of Shielding/Warding, Bandages
Fourth and fifth, my Fury DPS gear, not in top shape
And in the bottom row Hearthstone, my trusty Mote Extractor, Moll-E, Seaforium, Repair Bots, Ultrasafe Teleports, Army Knife
Isn’t that a lot of Junk?

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