Spending time and money

I really like the housing in SW:TOR – and that’s why I was kinda excited we’d get a new Stronghold, and on Rishi, my favorite piratey planet!
So today I put down the 3m Credits and bought one (you get the first expansion, The Overlook, for just 120k until the next patch, so grab it!). I was a little let down by the entrance layout, something I had missed when watching a test server video. Not sure how much I’ll use this for everyday, probably not so much 🙁 The “housing” part is just too far from the entrance, which sucks. But I also put down some money to expand my third Stronghold, Nar Shaddaa (this one *is* awesome) and I’m now at 75% bonus for Conquests.
This 100% EXP boost is pretty nice though, it catapulted me from Command Level 11x to 142 in just 2-3h, and I have half of a Conquest done already for this week with just 2x Tatooine dailies. Maybe I’ll try to do one more 2h session this week, but I’ll definitely do one after the next reset, where I hope to get another 20 command levels in 3h. I’m really not a fan of gear grinding at max level, and this Command Level thing is basically that. Better gear, and an arbitrary metric of an endgame Level, meh.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my tenth post.

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