The end of Marvel Heroes

I had last posted about Marvel Heroes in August 2017 when I was somewhat actively leveling some characters. I don’t recall how long I kept on playing, but I must’ve stopped somewhere in the autumn and I never posted a final post.
The game closed on November 27, 2017 and I won’t repeat the details, you can look them up here.
Of course I was a little sad that a game I had played for nearly 3 years (and most importantly, Steam says I spent 1554 hours ingame) but I wasn’t upset. What was indeed a little annoying that I had grabbed some ingame currency to stockpile in June (because it was a tremendous sale, 16 EUR for 10x the currency I usually got for the same amount of money) and I hadn’t spent a lot of it. I think I spent as much as I would have paid if it wasn’t for the sale, but I am very sure I hadn’t bought it in the first place without the sale. Anyway, peanuts. I was always pretty happy to throw money at Gazillion because I really, really felt I was getting a superb F2P experience and I can pay as much as I want. (I think it was around ~240 EUR for ~34 months – so 7 EUR on average per month, whether I was playing or not – or half of a normal MMO sub.
I just really hope all the ex-Gazillion employees found some job soon.
PS: Apparently Steam decided it’s a good idea to delete all the screenshots I hadn’t moved away when it silently removed the game. In the Steam screenshot browser I still see the game “Marvel Heroes Omega” and around 50 broken screenshots I made 2 days before the game shut down, but they’re not on disk anymore. Thanks, Steam.
PS: Blaugust has started and this is my eleventh post.

5 thoughts on “The end of Marvel Heroes”

  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of the game but I feel your pain on the screenshot issues. I had a similar situation with a steam game and it sucked…

    1. Yeah I was upset for a day but I’ve made my peace now.
      I’m pretty glad I wrote so many blog posts about my progress though 😉 In the end the info on the screenshots wasn’t really important – this game’s not coming back. For WoW and Ragnarok Online you could always restart fresh on another realm, or even another server by another company in RO’s case, there some detailed info would’ve been nice – but MH is gone.

  2. Sorry about your screenies, that sucks.
    I miss MH too although I always preferred PoE when I wanted to play a ‘real’ ARPG. It was quick, fun and their take on most characters I tried was pretty spot on I think. It’s a shame how that shutdown went down.

    1. I was playing Diablo, Diablo2, and Diablo 3. Marvel Heroes was different enough, and especially “not fantasy”. Sure, it had its flaws but as a long-time game I preferred it to D3. I never tried PoE, but maybe I should have 😛

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