Mixed bits of progress

My short one-week vacation is coming to an end, back to work tomorrow. Didn’t do much but play SWTOR yesterday and today while recovering from sightseeing and catching a light cold on my trip.
First I tried to speed-run a 2h Command XP buff, because I really, really, really want to get to Command Level 300 on my Bounty Hunter. I managed to do the dailies (with a weekly each) for Ziost, Black Hole, CZ-198, Yavin 4, Corellia Heroics, and nearly managed to do Voss (would’ve needed like 3mins more, grrr). I had a few Bonus XP packs to open, but still – from CL 211 to CL 236 isn’t bad in 2h – so that means I need to that twice more and then maybe once without a buff and I should be set. With 2 people it probably would have worked to get Voss done as well. Maybe there are even faster things to do, but I’m too lazy to research, it’s not so bad if I have to spend 2h more on this.
Next up was my last missing (base class) character who’s not 70 yet, my Sith Assassin. So I did Makeb and started on the Shadow of Revan pre-quests. I’m kinda getting sick of the “Assault on Tython” and “Korriban Incursion” flashpoints, especially as they’re followed *very* soon by “Depths of Manaan”, “Legacy of the Rakata”, “Blood Hunt”, and “Battle of Rishi” – and I’ve done them quite a few times now. Ugh. I’m at 57 now after these first two and need to regain some rested XP first.
To relax a bit I continued the story line on my baby Sith Marauder and finished Balmorra at Level 23. Next stop: Nar Shaddaa, but again waiting for some rested XP.
Before the dailies reset this morning I quickly finished Ziost and CZ-198 on my Commando, then the afternoon was mostly spent with my Sith Juggernaut, who is kinda different than most of the others. I leveled him as a duo and we didn’t rush the planets, but did most of the story lines – so he was Level 70, but hadn’t even seen Ilum yet. Now I caught up a bit, but doing the Tython/Korriban FPs twice a day is really not my cup of tea. At least I found my fun again playing him – mobs just kinda fall down if I manage to position them right for AoE. I can’t even decide which class/spec I like more right now. Powertech BH, Telekinetics Sage, or Vengeance Juggernaut.
Finally I progressed a little in KotFE on my Jedi Sage, at Chapter IX now, in the progress made a few levels. But I’m mostly interested in getting my companions back and being able to do some Archaeology, I have this character at 551 Synthweaving and my Juggernaut at 550 Artifice and would really love to get both to 600 soon…
So yeah, many small steps and a few bigger ones, but my play time will be going down a bit now.
Some quick short- and midterm gaming goals:

  • Levels: Get an 8th Level 70 character
  • Command Levels: Get Bounty Hunter to 300, then grab the permanent 25% boost and work on the next toon
  • Professions: Synthweaving and Artificer from 550 to 600
  • Achievements:
    • Get to Social IV on Juggernaut
    • Get to Valor 30 on BH
    • Finally do the last missing Heroic Missions: Balmorra on both sides
    • Grab some missing Datacrons
    • Start (and finish? :P) the HK-51 quest line
    • Finish the last “Kill 1000 mobs with this companion” achievements:
      • Agent: 3/5 done
      • Consular: 3/5 done (because of the meta at launch I *only* played with Qyzen)
      • Knight: 3/5 done
      • Inquisitor: 1/5 done (damn stealth playstyle :P)
      • Smuggler: 3/5 done
      • Trooper: 4/5 done
      • Fortresses: 2/6 done

PS: Blaugust has started and this is my twenty-ninth post. Only two more to go!

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