Observation: Mission success

What I started less than a week ago came to a conclusion today.

HK-51 <Your Companion>

I have a HK-51 companion, which is pretty awesome. What’s not so awesome is that two of the associated Achievements seem to be bugged, “General Crew” (Treek and HK-51) and “The Gang’s All Here” (all companions for all 8 classes, plus those 2) under Starfighter -> Crew. Wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t set my eye on that “Wing Commander” title. Ah well, didn’t find a lot on the web, so I made a ticket. No high hopes I’ll get an answer soon, but we’ll see.
So the list of missing companions is getting shorter, but maybe this already was the end of the line for the companion achievements. I can’t get Nico Okarr, I can’t play the HK-55 bonus chapter afaik, and the “Continuing Comfort” weekly seems horrible, doing it 10 times sounds completely nuts (Update: see comments, it doesn’t seem to be so bad if you have a few gathering crew skills at 500+ available). I’m not counting the creature and droid companions bought ingame or via the cartel market.
I also tuned the spec of my Ruffian Scoundrel (with this guide) because she felt kinda weak, for a DPS spec with 230 gear. Surely a L2P issue, but I guess some stuff in the spec/rotation are easier fixes than suddenly becoming good. Did an hour’s worth of dailies (Ziost, CZ-198, Black Hole, Yavin 4) and it seemed to go a little smoother. CL 94 is also nice.

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  1. Not to dissuade you from your course of action, but as someone who’s done the Inflicting Comfort weekly about a thousand times, on repeat you only have to hand him the mats (without talking to all the specialists again) so it literally takes five seconds…

    1. I know! Apparently I misinterpreted the material costs, because doing a little running for 10 times would be no problem, but even if I craft all the mats myself, I came to something north of 1m, possibly more. Or you’re just a little more spendy than I am 🙂

      1. Wha… OK, you made me look it up, because I hadn’t done the quest in a little while so it would’ve been possible that they changed it, and I always just take the mats from my legacy stash without checking their value, so you made me wonder. ^^
        You must have misread something though, because even if your GTN is much more expensive than mine it shouldn’t cost that much. All the mats for a single hand-in go for less than 140k credits total on Darth Malgus, and if you just ran all the relevant crew skills yourself, it should cost you only about 40k (give or take a little depending on how many times you need to do the slicing mission to get the required crits for the purple mats).

      2. Of course you’re right (as already proven multiple times). I had everything except the Sliced Tech Parts in abundance (and even a few of the Blue ones). Adaptive Circuitry (the Purple one) is 40k on my server, so it’s 160k per turniin unless I can get some of them cheaper by running missions myself. As they cost 4k and I haven’t checked the success ratio yet. Not sure *when* I looked at the mats and persisted the shock to memory, probably back when I didn’t have all those crew skills at 500+, only Archaeology and Bioanalysis.
        Thanks yet again 🙂

      3. No, thank you for making me look at these things from a different point of view. It’s very entertaining and I always enjoy different perspectives. ^^

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