Observation: Mission success

What I started less than a week ago came to a conclusion today.

HK-51 <Your Companion>

I have a HK-51 companion, which is pretty awesome. What’s not so awesome is that two of the associated Achievements seem to be bugged, “General Crew” (Treek and HK-51) and “The Gang’s All Here” (all companions for all 8 classes, plus those 2) under Starfighter -> Crew. Wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t set my eye on that “Wing Commander” title. Ah well, didn’t find a lot on the web, so I made a ticket. No high hopes I’ll get an answer soon, but we’ll see.
So the list of missing companions is getting shorter, but maybe this already was the end of the line for the companion achievements. I can’t get Nico Okarr, I can’t play the HK-55 bonus chapter afaik, and the “Continuing Comfort” weekly seems horrible, doing it 10 times sounds completely nuts (Update: see comments, it doesn’t seem to be so bad if you have a few gathering crew skills at 500+ available). I’m not counting the creature and droid companions bought ingame or via the cartel market.
I also tuned the spec of my Ruffian Scoundrel (with this guide) because she felt kinda weak, for a DPS spec with 230 gear. Surely a L2P issue, but I guess some stuff in the spec/rotation are easier fixes than suddenly becoming good. Did an hour’s worth of dailies (Ziost, CZ-198, Black Hole, Yavin 4) and it seemed to go a little smoother. CL 94 is also nice.

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SWTOR – Titles

I actually wanted to post something completely different, but as it happens I had yet another toon in SWTOR where I didn’t like the current title, so I wanted to adjust it. That sent me down a rabbit hole of finding out what the various character and Legacy titles actually meant or where they were from and most importantly, if they were worth displaying.
As usual, Dulfy has a guide for that, but unfortunately it was last updated on June 30th, 2015 and so it was missing quite a few. So I spent a while clicking through achievements and wrote down some of them that were missing from that list.
Unlike usually, this post could be considered useful, I apologize to my readership.

Title Acquisition Where to find in achievements
The Galaxy’s Finest Complete Flashpoints, Uprisings, Starfighter, Warzones or Operations with the Activity Finder (40x) Legacy -> Feats of Strength
Republic Legend Level all 4 Republic classes to Level 60 Legacy -> Level -> General
Imperial Legend Level all 4 Imperial classes to Level 60 Legacy -> Level -> General
Republic Outlander Level all 4 Republic classes to Level 65 Legacy -> Level -> General
Imperial Outlander Level all 4 Imperial classes to Level 65 Legacy -> Level -> General
Persistent What’s inside? Why is it there? We may never know. Strongholds -> Strongholds
Horrible Person Manage to get Speedy eaten within your Rishi Hideout Stronghold. Strongholds -> Strongholds
Geared for Combat Defeated 1000 enemies each with 2V-R8 and C2-N2 as your active companion Companions -> General -> Miscellaneous
Combat Designation:L3-E7 Defeated 2500 enemies each with 2V-R8 and C2-N2 as your active companion Companions -> General -> Miscellaneous
Comfort Enthusiast Completed the “Continuing Comfort” weekly mission 10 times. Companions -> Shared -> C2-N2
Simulated Meatbag Terminated HK-55 for Educational Purposes Companions -> Shared -> HK-55
The Mysterious Stranger Survived five rounds of Mayhem at the Arena Grand Fallen Empire -> The Eternal Championship -> General
Master of Mayhem Survived all ten rounds of Mayhem at the Arena Grand Fallen Empire -> The Eternal Championship -> General
Eternal Champion Survived all ten rounds of Mayhem at the Arena Grand without the aid of a group. Fallen Empire -> The Eternal Championship -> Story
Eternal Legend Survived all ten rounds of Mayhem at the Arena Grand with each player class and without the aid of a group. Fallen Empire -> The Eternal Championship -> Story
Sprint Champion Survived all ten rounds of Mayhem at the Arena Grand without the aid of a group and under 15 minutes. Fallen Empire -> The Eternal Championship -> Story
Deathless Champion Survived all ten rounds of Mayhem at the Arena Grand without the aid of a group and without dying. Fallen Empire -> The Eternal Championship -> Story
Fully Armed and Operational Defeated an Exarch while under the effects of all 4 Alliance Specialists’ Combat Enhancements Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> Heroic
Follower of the Old Ways Found Devotional Text about all of the Old Gods of Zakuul within the Star Fortresses Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> General
Bunker Buster Destroyed all planetary Shield Bunkers protecting their orbiting Star Fortresses Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> General
Galactic Liberator Destroyed each of the Star Fortresses orbiting an occupiued world. Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> Heroic
Alliance Commander Achieved Influence Rank 20 with all four divisions of your alliance Fallen Empire -> Alliance Growth -> General
Physical Backup Unit Defeated all Star Fortress EPHEMERIS units Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> Story
The One And Only Defeated an Exarch while ungrouped and without any Alliance Combat Enhancements or Equipment Caches. Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> Heroic
Fallen Knight Defeated each of the Star Fortress Paladins aboard all of the Star Fortresses. Fallen Empire -> Star Fortresses -> Paladins
Galactic Peacekeaper* Complete Rishi story mission on Republic and Imperial characters ?
Zakuulan Craftsman Reach 550 on all crew skills Legacy -> Advancement -> Zakuulan Crew Skills

*= haven’t checked this myself
Achievement categories I checked completely at the time of writing, so these should be complete:

  • Galactic Command
  • Legacy
  • Strongholds
  • Dailies
  • Fallen Empire
  • Eternal Throne

Achievement categories I haven’t checked completely, or at all, for this mini guide:

  • Location
  • Operations
  • Companions
  • Flashpoint
  • Player Vs. Player
  • Events
  • Starfighter
  • Space
  • Uprisings

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Achievement hunt

I was a very keen achiever in WoW and really tried to get a lot done, in SW:TOR, not so much. Been collecting most of the Datacron and doing “the last 10%” here and there. Oh, and I also switch companions regularly to get the 1000 kills each, but that’s not really effort as just “not deliberately ignoring it”.
But yesterday my Conquest was 60min on cooldown and I didn’t feel like leveling so I wanted to try something new – finish a few of the planet achievements. I picked Alderaan as it was the first in list (how exciting!).
So, exploration: Grabbed all Datacrons, found all bestiary and normal lore objects, unvovered the whole map, and I had already done all the Story and Heroic Missions for both sides. I ignored all the “Kill X” quests as this will either be remedied by leveling more characters, or not in the near future. Not a fan of grinding and I only do it if it suits a purpose, like in a Conquest.
In the end it took more like 2 hours, but choosing a stealthy character (Scoundrel) was a good idea and if I feel in the mood I might do this again some time, probably on Balmorra.
I’m at 12745 points now, fwiw.

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Living Legend

SW:TOR launched at ~7:00 my time in December 20, 2011. At the time when I managed to get my Legacy to Level 50 it was 6 years, 7 months, 3 days and 16 hours later.
I’ve not boosted any character, but I don’t know the formula for Legacy XP and whether they changed it in the years – but it took 4x 70 (Command 97,11,5,1), 1x 68, 1x 63, 2x 50, 1x 41 and 1x 17 to get there.
My Jedi Sage started KotFE today and is in Chapter 5 (my second time), but the XP sucks – so I think I’m gonna switch to Ziost or Section X dailies tomorrow, or whatever the Conquest tells me makes sense. Trooper just hit 64 but is out of rested XP now.

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Herald of the Titans

Yes, we did it! We killed Algalon the Observer with a Level 80 group!

  • Prot Warrior (Human Male)
  • Blood DK (Dwarf Male)
  • Holy Paladin (Draenei Female)
  • Holy Paladin (Draenei Female)
  • Resto Shaman (Draenei Female)
  • Arcane Mage (Gnome Female)
  • Arcane Mage (Gnome Female)
  • Elemental Shaman (Dwarf Female, me)
  • Affliction Warlock (Human Female)
  • Shadow Priest (Worgen Female)

After ~90mins of pulls with a slight change of tactics (all who can survive Big Bang just stay up) we managed to kill him and got our shiny achievement 🙂

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Patch 3.3 goodness

Tried out the Random Heroics tonight, very impressed. Lucky with groups, ok. But I’m so glad you can keep your cross-server group and just go on and on and on.
Didn’t really count my Emblems, but I think it’s been 7 Frost and about 40 Triumph for my Shammy:

  • Razorscale, Weekly Raid
  • ToC 10
  • “Daily” Heroic
  • Countless random heroics

Oh and we even managed to do Watch Him Die, Hadronox Denied and Zombiefest! in one group, quite awesome.

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Mhm, Nightfall

Yesterday was a strange day.
Came home from work, totally smashed, went to bed. The guild did ToGC10 and banged their heads against the faction champions (hey, what else? I bet Twin Valkyr will be easier).
At some point they had a Priest disconnect and not coming back, so they decided to go for S3D 10man. Luckily for me I had just woken up and got to power up my computer and WoW (thanks to the girlfriend in said raid) and so off we went to TOS.
After a few 20% wipes with unlucky Flame Waves and then summoning an Alchemist alt and handing out some Speed Potions, we nailed it.
On the one hand we’re happy, on the other hand it really feels cheated now, with much better gear (well, not for all of us, some are still knee-deep in Naxx gear). I think we really should have tried it more often half a year ago.
Anyway, one hour well spent, some 30g repairs each, 9x new “of the Nightfall” and one mount.
This was the lineup:

  • 1 DK tank who had already done it
  • 1 Holy Pally – healing
  • 2 Arcane Mages
  • 1 Blood DK
  • 1 Retri Pally kiting the first drake
  • 1 Elemental Shammy
  • 1 Destro Warlock
  • 1 Enhancement Shammy
  • 1 Assassination Rogue – yours truly

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I admit it, I’m an achievement addict. My main is closing in to 7k and my 2 main alts are at 4500 and 3900, that’s a lot when I look at mains of some folks I know.
But everytime it comes to PvP achievements, I’m getting angry. My main is a Lieutenant General, rank 11 in the old PvP system. I’m not going to rant about missing rank 12 because of being offline for 1 week when moving, I know it was too time consuming. No, the problem is with the achievement system itself. According to my PvP achievements I hardly did anything. You know, I’m exalted with Frostwolf, Warsong Outriders and the Defilers, yet I only won 2-3 games each. Not 100. Well, I did, but no one can see it and I don’t get my points. Win AB 2000:1990? Of  course I did, I still have screenshots of that. Assaulted all 5 bases? Sure as hell I did.
Let’s have a quick look:

  • 100 AV wins – 20
  • 50 GY taken – 10
  • 50 towers defended – 10
  • Loot the picture – 10

And that’s only AV. So that’s probably 200 achievement points I will never ever get, because I’ve got my rep maxed, WG is better honor when I need it and I want to play some other class in pvp for a change as well. Meh.

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World Events

Can’t stay away from the Voodoo. Seriously, I love them. Sometimes only to dust off some lowbie alt. (I most often refer to them as the “Army of Alts[tm]“) and have some fun and getting fancy titles and rewards.
My effort of the last years paid off already, I managed to get  the Brewmaster title 9x some weeks ago. And that was with less effort than some people had because I got the first achievement about 5min after logging in. OK, it involved some summoning magic into BRD, but it didn’t take long. Level 70 Brewmaster alt ftw.
Anyway, now it’s Hallow’s End. My main has it, of course (only missing the silly christmas hat for my violet drake :/), so the focus is on those:

Will probably pass on everything else besides trying to get the mount on my main, anyway, 2 fun weeks ahead when raiding is a bit boring, although I hope we can get some 25man action again.

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