Close to 50

So I’m closing in on the big 50 – the level cap of the original game. I’ve been doing one duty roulette per day, queuing up for all the dungeons I need and today I spent roughly 2h doing those Hunting log mini-quests I’ve ignored so far. I’m 48 and 3/4 and my next MSQ is due at 49. But I finished the Maelstrom Hunting Log #1 and the Archer Hunting Log #1-#4 today. I got my “10 unique instanced dungeons” achievement, did my first Beast Tribe dailies and in the Maelstrom I’m now a Sergeant Third Class.
So maybe I had a look at 0.5% of the whole game by now 😛 But it’s kinda fun.
Steam had a sale for the Stormblood expansion yesterday, but apparently I can’t use that, having gotten my account through Square Enix directly (because it was free) so I would’ve had to buy the game again (10 EUR) plus the discounted expansion (18 EUR) which would be cheaper than the expansion in the SE store (35 EUR) – and then I probably would’ve had to reroll on the other account anyway. But according to several sites they also run sales from time to time on the SE store. Well, good job, SE – I guess I would’ve bought that without giving it a second thought, raking in a) an expansion purchase and b) continued subscription, so that free copy would’ve already have paid for itself. But no, this needs to be complicated, so I’m not buying anything for now.
PS: I wanted to call this post “So close and yet so far” but apparently I had already used that title. Pretty cool that WordPress showed me.

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  1. I may be completely wrong about this but I thought that if you bought it on Steam you would only be buying the software and your account would be completely independent of it? Meaning, you could use the account you already made on the Square-Enix site and play it regardless of where you bought the software.
    I think it only matters is if you want to buy it on the PS4 in which case you would need to have one copy for the PC and one for the PS4. But again, I could be completely wrong about that too as I play on PC only. So please take everything I said here with a giant grain of salt.

    1. That sounds reasonable, but according to several threads on Reddit that seems to be the exact problem that’s so weird for people. PC and Steam are 2 different platforms when it comes to expansions.

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