Ragefire Chasm – Guild edition

Last night we finally had everyone online and in the correct level range to venture into our first dungeon – Ragefire Chasm.

The group consists of:

  • Level 14 Tauren Tank Warrior in Arms spec (the author)
  • Level 14 Troll Shaman
  • Level 14 Troll Mage
  • Level 14 Troll Hunter
  • Level 10 Undead Rogue (Slacker)

Actually it went pretty uneventful except for one wipe when underestimating the lowbie Rogue’s aggro range and then some Hearthstone use by two people to get out of a chasm. The Rogue was too low to get the book quest so we ran it again and then only one book dropped. Anyway, all got to level 16 (13) and now we’ll meet up again at 20 for Wailing Caverns. That’s probably why I forgot the victory shot, because it was totally not epic. Also technically it wasn’t a guild run yet because we only made the guild after the run. Ah well.

2 thoughts on “Ragefire Chasm – Guild edition”

  1. Let me guess, you went up the ramp to Oggleflint and suddenly you got buried by a dozen troggs seemingly out of nowhere? XD Because that also happened to me on one run with a level 12 in it – yay for being able to aggro a whole other wing of the dungeon from across a little gap…

    1. Hehe, no. It was just before the last boss (Jergosh?) when you go left around the corner, after Taragaman. I should’ve pulled them behind that corner. 🙂

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