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That Retail and Classic bundle

It’s good to read about people liking the bundle of WoW Retail + Classic (Shintar in this case) because I agree that it’s a really good deal for both the company and the players. I don’t even want to imagine how numbers would look for each of the games without the other, guess there would be huge dips, depending on the patch cycle. And I’m saying that while not being sold on XBox Game Pass, but for other reasons – but multiple MMOs by the same studio? Good. Multiple versions of the same game? Mandatory.

Anyway, I’m just getting that out of the way, because there’s no way I would have been paying a single Euro for Classic in the last months (or a year?), but on the weekend I actually logged in my 69 Druid (stranded in Area 52) and maybe make a little progress towards 70. But when I had patched up again and logged in I saw that I was only at around 10% towards the final level and then it hit me again how tedious I found Classic. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if I had anything to look forward to, but I don’t. I don’t plan to play WotLK Classic, I don’t want to raid at 70 (if I made it), I don’t even want to collect gear, I especially don’t want to grind reps. If I could have an old backup copy of my toons at a WotLK savepoint I’d maybe go try raiding, but no way I’m falling into this trap a third time…

So, maybe I will work up some motivation to do those last 90% with the 50% XP buff, maybe I won’t.

This is Blaugust 2022 – post #9.

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TBC abandoned?

The last update of the WoW Classic (now TBC) group was on September 3rd, and I don’t have high hopes that anything will happen.

Shortly after that day our healer said they couldn’t make the default day of the week anymore due to other obligations and so we settled on a “let’s ask around Friday or Saturday” and you can guess how well that worked with the one person with kids usually doing family things and none of the others being motivated to actually ask every week if everyone was free.

My Druid is still at 69 and maybe I should simply log in at some point before Endwalker launches and get those few missing points of experience, but on the other hand I’m not sure I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it. My Warrior is at 66 and without the group I don’t want to continue anyway, so that’s a moot point – and the Rogue I pushed to 52 when TBCC launched… well, nah.

Meta: started tagging all the classic posts with the WoW Classic tag now, at least all 2021 posts, might go back in time to do the rest.

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TBC continued

It’s been quite a while since I wrote about the TBC Classic group, but that’s because one member was on vacation for 3 weeks and none of us logged in in that time, it seems the general mood is a bit unenthusiastic.

But last night we got off with a late start due to work, then figuring out what to do. We had stopped questing in Terokkar, so we flew to Stonebreaker Hold, grabbed some quests and went to work. Gladly the flood of people seems to have died down and except for one of the Arakkoa settlements it was chill with no people snatching your mobs. But of course we still have the worst quest of them all, the 12 wolf pelts per person. Also I had forgotten to empty my bags and was full all the time.

After around 2h we called it a day, 3 of 4 having dinged 65 and one being very close. So I need to check if I can continue with Blacksmithing to use up the mats clogging my inventory and maybe clean up the bank until next Thursday. And then we wanted to check the Auchindoun instances and run them once, our level permitting.

Overall not too excited, but it was fun enough to continue. Also my Druid is still at 69 and being 1 level from the maximum always annoys me a bit, but the 4 week break was welcome and maybe now is the time to divert a little time to Classic again.

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Chill professions leveling

Blaugust has started, but many people have written extensive Day-1 posts with lists and info, so I’m pointing towards Belghast’s blog post and will continue with the normal stuff.

I was pointed to this Fishing & Cooking guide for TBC Classic and I’ve been doing that for a bit today because my left arm hurts and didn’t want to play “properly” today before the raid

The first 90 minutes in, I got Fishing at 170 and Cooking at 150.

Another 90 minutes in I’m at 225 Fishing and 225 Cooking.

Totally not a staged shot in Un’Goro

Already been to Gadgetzan (a little earlier than the guide) and finished the Cooking quest, then it’s off to find Nat Pagle’s four quest fish, so now the progress will probably a lot slower, but it’s only 75 each left in Azeroth.

Another 90 minutes in it’s 255 Fishing and 255 Cooking, perfectly timed. Already in Feralas, this should be the final stretch, let’s see if 30 minutes are enough to have a round 5 hours.

And of course it took another 90 minutes to get to 300 Fishing and 290 Cooking, so off to Silithus for Sandworm Meat because I don’t feel like going to the Eastern Plaguelands now.

Too bad, the first 4.5h were kinda relaxing, watching stuff on YouTube, listening to podcasts, and so on and then the “final stretch” was kinda tedious.

It’s Blaugust again and this is post number 1.

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TBC: Blood Furnace

The Classic group met up again yesterday and we started by riding to the Blood Furnace and getting a 61 pickup Mage. I was tanking and it all seemed to go wrong, everyone got aggro left and right, it was struggle, and it wasn’t a lot of fun. The run felt slow, but we made it through with either no deaths or one ankh (damn those Enhancement Shamans) until the last boss, where everyone had forgotten the AoE mechanic. We handed in our quests and looked for another PUG for a second run. It was a little weird, there was another tank+healer duo looking for 3 DPS for Blood Furnace in LFG and a few more groups that were mostly looking for DPS. Then I saw this “LF healer and 3 DPS for BF”, so.. well, a single tank? I invited him and equipped my fancy Polearm from Ramparts and off we went. The 61 Warrior was in mostly MC Epics. It started pretty much ok, pulling a lot faster (surely not his first run) and he was holding aggro just fine. There were a few sketchy pulls and at some point we wiped due to a double pull. The he was repeatedly asking for Windfury, which was kinda cool for my Arms Warrior but our Shammy said he wasn’t a fan and he also died twice more to overaggro. But we finished the instance without further wipes and the tank went on his way. So while I was pretty happy about the tank, my group wasn’t. They said they greatly prefer slower pulls and a slower instance rum and not wiping over quicker completion with deaths. I guess I agree so next time we’ll be searching for primarily a DPS and only if we can’t get one trying to get a tank, but usually this is not a problem anyway. So it seems despite tanking feeling bad it at least wasn’t so horrible that they prefer to pug a tank who might ignore their mana. I’m reasonably confident I can believe them and they’re not saying it to be nice. But damn, those Windfury two-hand execute crits, I’m gonna miss them…

After that we circled Umbrafen Lake for around 90 minutes, knocking all adjacent quests except the Naga Claws, then handed in (to end up at 63.25) and wanted to call it a night, but after porting to Orgrimmar ended up doing various things like professions while chatting along. I used up some of my Thorium, then crafted an Arcanite Rod with the Arcanite someone had just transmuted, then flew to Gadgetzan, bought the Imperial Plate Bracers recipe, used up all my remaining Thorium, then we plundered the AH of all cheap-ish Thorium, I smelted it with my 52 Rogue (yay, 251 -> 281 Mining for free), then finished up the grind to Blacksmithing 300 on the Warrior, and our Shaman then promptly disenchanting them again. So I just need to go to Thrallmar to learn the new Recipes now and start using the Fel Iron we collected. A pretty good synergy of Professions in our small group.

Now if only I’d remember to make some screenshots…

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TBC Classic stuff

The second Thursday with the group was uneventful, we played a little less and only managed to get around two thirds of a level, wiped on Arazzius once (too many adds) and I don’t think we did a lot, just some long ass quests like the zeppelin parts, and the bussards, all in a group of four.

Last Thursday we did a few quests until we were all 61, then went into Hellfire Ramparts. The single dungeon quest says 62, that’s why we waited. And because we hadn’t done an instance in over a year, so were probably a bit rusty. And I read that Wilhelm’s group had some problems as well. We pugged a 5th and it went kinda fine. I only have like 13 points in Protection at the moment (should be enough) but I lost aggro a lot, mostly to the 2 Enhancement Shamans, but also sometimes due to bad pulls. I’m not 100% sure, but I think we didn’t wipe. Or only once. Our pugged Shammy left and we grabbed another player, I think it was an Ele Shaman this time, who wouldn’t have pulled aggro if he hadn’t opened with Chain Lightning every time – so yeah, just the second run already went much smoother, despite us being the same level and the pug being 61 and not 63 like the first one. The XP was pretty nice. After the two runs we finished Hellfire Peninsula and all dinged 62, then moved on to Zangarmarsh. It’s not going super fast, but we already made 4 levels in 3 evenings, can’t complain.

Next week: Blood Furnace, probably also twice.

And I really need to start doing the Thorium stretch of my Blacksmithing before next Thursday…

My Feral Druid dinged 66 yesterday and her Hunter partner is 67, everything in Nagrand went fine, except the Ring of Blood. We had a group of 5, 3 Hunters and me healing, but no real tank. But two others out of group, it was quite the chaos and for some reasons not everyone got all the quests, maybe also due to 4 groups spam-clicking to start their quests. In the end we had 3 rounds finished, some of our party members only 1, the 2 outside the group had everything besides the last one, then we wiped and stopped. Quite the mess, I’m not trying this again without a proper healer and tank (which I can do at least). Tusker and the pre-quests were no problem, we also haven’t tried Durn yet. Even Gurok worked fine with just the two of us, so Chowar will probably work as well (I already killed him at 65 with another 70 Druid).

The Rogue is still sitting at 51 and after my leveling spree I’m not really in the mood right now, the typical “where do I go?”, probably Felwood. But the thought of doing Hellfire Peninsula for the third time makes me procrastinate hard, even though I decided I wanted to get her to 60 in Azeroth…

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WoW, all the varieties

So, Thursday we got the original Classic band back together on 5 58 characters, ready for Outland. Or not completely ready, as it turned out. Three of us sitting in Thrallmar, eager to start at 7 pm sharp, but two still in Orgrimmar. Two Mage ports and a little riding fixed that and so went off. Kinda glad the original rush had already died down, so the first quests all went kinda smoothly, even collecting the wood and metal near the Orcs. It wasn’t half bad until we got to the Boiling Blood quest in south Thrallmar, which is always a bit meh, but in a group of 5 that’s a lot of Orc to kill for a lot of blood. And then a lot of scarabs to nuke down. Once we handed it in our Hunter player spoke up that this is simply no fun at all and that was the last quest. The absolute last quest, not today. It had been clear already from voice chat, the relatively unusual silence and a few remarks out of game, but I had hoped for a little longer run than a third of a zone, or 2 hours, or one level. So we continued on as a quartet, mopping up the south, then the demon camps in the North, and a little more. We got to Falcon Watch and Level 60, then stopped for the night, to be continued next Thursday. The remaining setup is Tauren Arms Warrior (me), Tauren Resto Druid, Troll Frost Mage, and Orc Enhancement Shaman, and we hope we’ll be able to pug a third DPS once we reach 61 or 62 and go into Ramparts and Blood Furnace, and then hope I’ll be able to tank it, because I don’t really want to go Prot while leveling.

In Retail, Friday was supposed to be our regular raid (and the penultimate one, probably) but our guild/raid leader was gonna be at least an hour late and we were only 9 without him, unsurprisingly, so this was cancelled. This was already looming and had been half-announced, so this would’ve been good for me, but for other reasons I had to push my Friday tabletop night to next week, so I’m gonna miss the last raid of this tier and this will probably make the raid not happen without a second tank. My conscience is relatively clear though, it’s the first raid night I’ll miss since we started in December and I’d been there for all 290 wipes on Heroic Sire Denathrius.

On Saturday the Torghast 4 man group met to level our Vulpera/Nightborne group, continuing with the campaign. We’d finished Bastion last time and were ready to go to Maldraxxus, sitting at level 55/56ish. These are the same four players from the TBC Classic group, minus the Enhancement Shaman, so the unwilling Hunter player is the Mage here, and just not enjoying Classic, but very much into Retail, on the other hand the Shadow Priest is not keen on Retail but happy enough to play with the group a few times per month. It’s… complicated. Despite starting a little later and finishing a little earlier we made it through Maldraxxus, but due to being a little over the level the XP tanked and so we stopped at 57 and a third or so. It’s uneventful, but overall we’re all positively surprised how most things work fine even when doing them in a group of four, only occasionally something doesn’t count for everyone, or we’re phased and need to kill stuff solo, a chance where everyone (including the Resto Shammy) gets to laugh at my Blood DK’s bad DPS, relative to the others’ numbers.

And because I’m a little pissed off at raiding atm, with my guild not making AOTC, and overall not really enthusiastic about anything in 9.1*, I’m not sure I’ll raid at all. Or if I do, I might do Normal and then bow out like half my guild did. Or maybe I’ll try raiding with the guild of the other half of the Torghast team, they’re Alliance at least, but on the wrong server. I’m not sure what I’ll do, but to prepare (and because I was nosy and like Rogues) I started getting my Subtlety Rogue through Shadowlands today, the Gnome Rogue that’s on their server cluster from an earlier guild of theirs I was in, many years (and expansions) ago. At the start it was really squishy and I think it has too many buttons, but now at Level 55 and two zones done it’s a lot better. Nearly 6 levels and two full zones via Threads of Fate on one day? Yeah, I was also very surprised. I was on 150% rested XP obviously, and I didn’t actually play the whole day, so this is really, really quick now.

* I’m really not excited about 9.1 or any of the associated grinds. Maybe I was binging too hard in Winter/Spring this year, maybe I raided too much (but it’s not like I could’ve gone out a lot, duh), but I reaaally was looking forward for a raid break after we had killed Sire on Heroic. That never happened, so we never had a break, so now it’s still this slog. Korthia doesn’t sound interesting at all, I still hate the Maw, and nothing I read, heard, or saw about the new raid made me excited. I had thought about switching mains after this raid tier, but I kinda lost interest in my alts even more than in my main. Retri Pally was fun for a bit, Resto Shammy is always fun, but I don’t want to heal progression right now, but none of the other specs were really enjoyable, which sucks. Or maybe it was simply too much WoW in these last 6 months… We’ll see

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Some more TBC Classic

Apparently I’m leveling slower than I had thought, looking at last post’s date. I’m 64.5 now and about to start Nagrand, having wrapped up the first 3 zones pretty much completely, including group quests, but no dungeon runs. I had actually earned enough gold questing in Outland to buy my Epic Riding skill and a mount today, leaving me with 5g. Nice. Can’t wait for 68 and “free” Druid Flight Form.

The dungeon group is scheduled to start on Thursday, with 5 fresh (or not so fresh) 58s, we’ll see how that will work out.

On a whim I dusted off my 35 Rogue on Saturday, got a little Scarlet Monastery and Razorfen Downs boosting (to 37) and then I made 5 levels on Sunday, and I just dinged 46, 2 days later – all while spending quite some time on different things, the 30% XP boost from TBC in old world zones is awesome. Now I just want to hitch a stealth run through Maraudon to get the quest reward sword and that should bring me comfortably to Level 60 – not planning to go to Outland on a third character so soon, and not at 58 most importantly. Also cheap Riding at 30 is amazing.

Look at my horse

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Hello Hellfire

The last week has basically flown past. It saw the launch of TBC Classic, me wrapping up work for 2.5 weeks of vacation, and some stuff. Also meeting people for the first time in months.

We’ve been leveling a Feral Druid/Beastmaster Hunter duo through Hellfire Peninsula. My druid was boosted, of course, but I didn’t take Deluxe whatever edition with the mount, just the 40 EUR boost. Not strictly needed as I had managed to get the Warrior to 58, but it’s my group char and so I need a solo/duo one as well anyway. I’m very close to 61, which will be my 3rd ding in Outland then, but I haven’t learned a single profession, too busy doing quests, and not really sure what I’d want. Maybe Mining to complement my Warrior’s Blacksmithing, maybe Enchanting, maybe Herbalism.

Feral Druid in Hellfire Peninsula, clown suit isn’t even so bad (yet)

In retail I haven’t done much, a little bit of raiding (and no Sire Heroic kill to show for it), but I pushed the alts a little and so every Alliance toon (of every class) now has their Covenant campaign finished, and all but two are sitting at 40 Renown, Mage at 33, and Monk at 25. Also the Darkmoon Faire has started last night so that’s 7 down and 15ish to go, if I even bother.

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The time is now

Only 15 minutes until the Dark Portal opens, but it’s also 15 minutes to midnight here and it’s Tuesday. The dungeon group is more like “let’s start on or after the weekend” so it seems our leveling marathon from 45 to 58 was a bit for naught.

Ready for Outland?

So here he is, in all his weird low-level leveling gear glory. Level 58.5, a 42.6 DPS Axe, a Level 27 Mail Helm from Razorfen Kraul, a Level 40 Plate Chest, and a few 4x and 5x quest items, but only one high-level blue item except a stat stick bow. Mining 300, Cooking 300, First Aid 290, Blacksmithing 260 and no chance to grind all the Thorium needed right now.

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