Work has been crazy the last two weeks, I’m not sleeping well and that’s probably the main reason why I didn’t post.

Been logging in to WoW for only 5 mins most days, collecting and starting Legion Champion missions. So close to 500 on my Rogue, but I might just end up having to grab new resources at like 497.

Been progressing slowly and steadily in SWTOR (9 75s, one at 73). I’m in a bit of a rut now though, I am not happy with the way gear works. Maybe I’m not playing enough (getting the conquest on 2 toons per night usually) but my Renown ranks are not progressing very fast and I’m just barely at 276 iLevel on my best set of gear. As the gear you get is based on what you’re wearing (as I understood it) I’ve been shifting a single set of gear from toon to toon, which gets old really fast. Just an hour ago I deconstructed a ton of 270 gear, keeping only 8 sets of 272-276 gear and one set of 268 that can be worn at Level 71 already. Actually not sure if I’ll continue after this month, but maybe my overall mood will improve next week.

Also not been playing a ton of EVE, the war is boring me already after a week. I wasn’t happy to put my death clone to our war staging as I usually hate traveling just for the sake of it anyway, but at least I’ve been roaming a bit on my alt, doing a bit of PI. Haven’t joined any fleets in a few days though. Maybe all the people who had been playing for months or years were indeed bored and eager for the war, but I’ve only returned 3-4 months ago and was just on a fun ride and experiencing NullSec properly. Then the war came and everything is hectic and different and it held me up by making the things that I was just (re-)learning different.

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  1. Kind of funny to me that you’re finding gearing slow, after you commented on my post about it at expansion launch that I seemed to have geared up way too fast. 🙂

    Best way to increase your item level is to just focus on one character for a week and run a bunch of flashpoints with them, as those drop absolutely silly amounts of gear and you’ll cycle through upgrades really quickly. And Renown ranks are pointless now except for achievements, so you’re not missing anything there.

    1. Yeah I know. I seem to be doing something wrong though, I am equipping my best gear. But I simply wasn’t in the mood to focus on one, I wanted them all at 75 first :/

  2. Echoing what Shintar said, it’s better to focus on one character and push their gear up to 306. I did that with my Sentinel mostly doing the Veteran flashpoint weekly quest. I basically put on everything that was a higher ilevel to boost my score. All in all it was pretty painless as I just did the weekly over the course of a couple of weeks. That way I didn’t burn myself out with too many Hammer Station runs (on Star Forge that one pops most often).

    While I didn’t push Renown, I did use the boosts I got for the crates you get at each rank. That helped with the gearing. With all the rewards and deconstructions of unwanted items I had enough tech fragments to get my six piece bonus for my sentinel.

    1. I’m not a fan of pug flashpoints and I managed to completely avoid them since 2017 I think. Maybe even since 2013.

      But maybe I should do it, yeah.

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