WoW alts and goals

Raiding has taken a big hit, since we’d been sitting at 9/10 Heroic for so long that a lot of people stopped logging in, either playing other games, giving up, or.. I don’t know. But we had problems getting even 10 people together for a few weeks now, and apparently we suck at 10 player raiding in this composition although I wouldn’t have said that we lost our better 5-10 players, I’d say we lost a few good ones and a few less good ones and the ones still logging in are decidedly solid in the middle to upper end, but it doesn’t help.

On the upside we finally did some alt runs, so I now have a normal Denathrius kill on both my Paladin (as Retri) and on my Shaman (as Resto). Healing is no joke on some bosses but we did it without major problems in one night.

Not much to do at the high end without the raid, and I stopped doing M+ as well, so there’s leveling alts. Both my Balance Druid and Unholy DK have finished their campaign and sit at ~170 iLvl (haven’t done LFR yet), the Mage is currently Renown-gated at 19 and 7 of 9 Chapters of the campaign done, so next week probably. So I started leveling my last Alliance class, the Monk. She’s 53 now and has just finished Bastion, doing Threads of Fate again with mostly normal quests and only some quick World Quests. No progress on Horde side but maybe I’m in the mood to pick up the ~30 Warrior and Priest again.

Maldraxxi Plate Armor actually looks nice on DKs
Maldraxxi Plate Armor actually looks nice on DKs

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