Reading more posts and talking to more people we seem to be the only guild unable to kill Sire Heroic, and I’m getting increasingly cranky.

Naithin talks about 76 wipes, Rohan mentions a rekill, my friends from the dungeon group had somewhere between 50 and 70 I think (and they only raid ~5-6h per week and we had a lead on them for a month I guess).

I need to doublecheck with one of my guildies who has an addon that keeps track, but I’m pretty sure we’re over 200 wipes. I haven’t missed a single raid (3 nights per week) since about December 12th, so that’s around our 65th evening (give or take 2 cancelled for christmas and 2-3 cancelled the last weeks due to low numbers) this coming Friday and I’m actually fed up. I just want to finish this tier and have a break. But most of all I wonder what’s going on in people’s heads if they stay until 9/10 Hc and then leave. Not single players (it can happen), but we went from 25-30 during normal to 8-12 now. Also I would understand people stopping after the normal Sire kill, that’s fair – but we had about 10 people stopping during Sire Hc progression or just after Generals Hc. I don’t get it…

2 thoughts on “Enough?”

  1. Yeah, churn makes progression really hard. You need to keep trying as long as you have 10 people.
    Make sure everyone is fully buffed. There’s more consumables this tier than normal. Food, Flask, Weapon Oil, Chest armor kit, and Vantus Rune.
    Here are the marks our raid aims for:
    P1 – Transition right after the 5th Cleansing Pain. Everyone in the raid takes the 5th one and we ignore the adds.
    P2 – Transition before the 3rd set of adds. If we get the third adds, we wipe. For the adds, we have ranged focus one side then the other, to make sure that the fire on the ground gets spaced apart. Same with melee, but cleaving on to Denathrius and Remornia.
    If you can hit those two marks, I think the third phase will just take a little practice to space things out correctly.

    1. Forgot to answer, thanks for the pointers but I think that’s roughly what we’re aiming for but it simply doesn’t happen. P1 is often flawless, then we’re back to failing it multiple times in a row. P2 is our main problem, sometimes the fire, often it’s running through the mirror. And moving from the one set of mirrors through the middle to the other is really bad. Actually, everything is bad 😛

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