Expansion goals

Just hit 60 on my Dark Iron Dwarf Monk, that’s all classes at 60 (plus one extra Rogue, of course). 9 are at Renown 40 + campaign done, 3 are at 35/34/24 + campaign done, the last one is at Renown 5 and has just started the campaign.

So far, so good – not sure it’s worth grinding out those missing Renown levels, but at least that last campaign for the Monk must be done. And she needs 170 gear, then I’m happy with that, I guess. No real plans for Horde, but I ran the Orc Shammy through the Maw, collected the dungeon quests, chose a Covenant, and healed a HoA. We’ll see, but in my current bad mood I don’t think I’ll go for “every class at 60, per faction” this time.

But I’ve been trying to do 1 random dungeon on the 2 3x toons, Warrior and Priest, when I have time and am in the mood, still 2x ~27 levels until Heritage Armor. I’ve left Northrend on both now, though. Priest will do BfA as Shadow and Warrior will start MoP, so I can tank the MoP dungeons with the dungeon quest XP, tanking BfA with only half your skills feels horrible, and everything dies sooo slowly. Scaling isn’t always the true answer to everything it seems

And there are the 8 levels for the Vulpera DK (the dungeon group had to pause this week due to scheduling conflicts), but hopefully we’ll continue next Saturday and manage to power through to 48. Then it’s only the Lightforged Draenei that’s missing.

Oh, and I really wonder when Blizzard will finally fix the transmog bug that shows your old look in the character select window, grr.

Dark Iron Dwarf Monk at 60

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