WoW adventures, expected and unexpected

When the dungeon group met again on Saturday we first chatted for a bit and it actually looks like we can meet again in real life for the first time soon, with 3 out of 4 being vaccinated and 3 of 4 being stuck at home anyway (which should limit the infection risk quite a lot). Then we pushed on through Kun-Lai and actually managed to get to Level 48 and had enough time left to go through the Maw. Surprisingly quick, I might add, if you have the mount and just destroy everything with 4 people. We decided to do the campaign story and not Threads of Fate and then parted ways to catch up on a few percent of XP, pick some flowers, and meet up again in Bastion next week.
But we also kinda agreed to try out TBC Classic, where 3 of us had given up already in 2019 and the spring 2020 revival also didn’t really last long, but our fifth member had spoken up and I guess we’re in now. We have one planned boost on a new character, one “sick of leveling Resto Shaman, will boost 46 to 58”, one “I will level this Mage from 46 to 58” and me originally planning to boost a new Druid, but now maybe keeping the Warrior. The Mage/Warrior duo with the new talents and the supposed? XP changes blasted through the levels on the long weekend to just over 50 and last night we managed a whole level despite not being well-rested anymore and also not playing the whole evening. Hopefully we can make it. If we don’t, I can still boost a Druid as my main, if we do then I have a week to decide which class to play.

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