The time is now

Only 15 minutes until the Dark Portal opens, but it’s also 15 minutes to midnight here and it’s Tuesday. The dungeon group is more like “let’s start on or after the weekend” so it seems our leveling marathon from 45 to 58 was a bit for naught.

Ready for Outland?

So here he is, in all his weird low-level leveling gear glory. Level 58.5, a 42.6 DPS Axe, a Level 27 Mail Helm from Razorfen Kraul, a Level 40 Plate Chest, and a few 4x and 5x quest items, but only one high-level blue item except a stat stick bow. Mining 300, Cooking 300, First Aid 290, Blacksmithing 260 and no chance to grind all the Thorium needed right now.

2 thoughts on “The time is now”

  1. I spent my time during the opening running quests in Hillsbrad, Duskwood, and Stranglethorn Vale. I’m actually surprised there wasn’t a server crash, but I guess everyone ran in and went straight into instances, so I presume that relieved some of the pressure.

    1. My wife went through the portal and I think beelined to Shattrath but also did a few starter quests in HFP. I didn’t hear about any instability, she actually said it was surprisingly empty everywhere and that “it being midnight has never stopped anyone at any launch before”. But maybe our German Classic server is just not one of the ultra packed ones.

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