Some more TBC Classic

Apparently I’m leveling slower than I had thought, looking at last post’s date. I’m 64.5 now and about to start Nagrand, having wrapped up the first 3 zones pretty much completely, including group quests, but no dungeon runs. I had actually earned enough gold questing in Outland to buy my Epic Riding skill and a mount today, leaving me with 5g. Nice. Can’t wait for 68 and “free” Druid Flight Form.

The dungeon group is scheduled to start on Thursday, with 5 fresh (or not so fresh) 58s, we’ll see how that will work out.

On a whim I dusted off my 35 Rogue on Saturday, got a little Scarlet Monastery and Razorfen Downs boosting (to 37) and then I made 5 levels on Sunday, and I just dinged 46, 2 days later – all while spending quite some time on different things, the 30% XP boost from TBC in old world zones is awesome. Now I just want to hitch a stealth run through Maraudon to get the quest reward sword and that should bring me comfortably to Level 60 – not planning to go to Outland on a third character so soon, and not at 58 most importantly. Also cheap Riding at 30 is amazing.

Look at my horse

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