TBC abandoned?

The last update of the WoW Classic (now TBC) group was on September 3rd, and I don’t have high hopes that anything will happen.

Shortly after that day our healer said they couldn’t make the default day of the week anymore due to other obligations and so we settled on a “let’s ask around Friday or Saturday” and you can guess how well that worked with the one person with kids usually doing family things and none of the others being motivated to actually ask every week if everyone was free.

My Druid is still at 69 and maybe I should simply log in at some point before Endwalker launches and get those few missing points of experience, but on the other hand I’m not sure I’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of it. My Warrior is at 66 and without the group I don’t want to continue anyway, so that’s a moot point – and the Rogue I pushed to 52 when TBCC launched… well, nah.

Meta: started tagging all the classic posts with the WoW Classic tag now, at least all 2021 posts, might go back in time to do the rest.

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