FFXIV Raiding and Chores

There hasn’t been anything eventful happening in the last 2 weeks but that’s kinda good I guess.

Managed to grab some loot from Tomestones and raids, getting Warrior to 570 and Bard to 569 before the patch, and of course now there’s better gear now, iLvl 580. I just filled my weekly quota of 450 new Tomestones (Astronomy) and have yet to decide what to do, but White Mage is also very close to 570 due to Aphorism Tomestones, so I will probably buy the rest of the stuff tomorrow.

We did raid in the static for the first time last Sunday, trying Hydaelin (is that EX already? Or just Hard? I am still confused). It kinda went ok (despite not succeeding after a while) but I was a little under the weather that day and felt bad and I guess I also played badly. Anyway, Sunday is our designated raid day now and we have a group of ~10 people with some fill-ins. Let’s see how this will pan out.

A major thing I did today after procrastinating for a while is redoing my hotbars for the roles. This means filling the same (or roughly equal) skills in the same buttons, something that has served me very well in WoW (and to a degree in FFXIV) over the years.

So for tanks (primarily WAR) for example this would be:

  • 1 + 2 Single Target Combo
  • 3 +4 AoE Combo
  • 5 + 6 third step of the Single Target Combo
  • ctrl-1 Sprint (*)
  • ctrl-3 + ctrl-4 situational AoE/spenders/big or on longer cooldown
  • ctrl-5 + ctrl-6 Self-Heals
  • Q – Interrupt
  • E – Stun
  • Shift-E – ranged attack
  • F – Charge (or gap closer as they call it)
  • Shift-F – some sort of damage skill, for WAR a spender
  • G, Shift-G, H, Shift-H, Ctrl-G – mitigations
  • Tilde – Taunt/Provoke
  • Shift-Tilde – Mount
  • Y – Shirk
  • X, Shift-X – big cooldowns
  • C – some sort of special: Fell Cleave, Sheltron, The Blackest Night
  • V, Shift-V – Beast Gauge builders
  • B – Toggle Aggro/Enmity Skill

I have a Logitech G710+ now, so that’s 6 G keys to the left of the keyboard, sadly not 18 anymore like with the G10.

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