Uninteresting Eorzea stuff

I want to say I didn’t play as much the last 2 weeks but I don’t think it’s true, it’s just that nothing big happened. Our second raid day went well, we killed Hydaelyn very quickly and then farmed her a bit for a few weapons. No one was really sure why it didn’t work the raid day before. Maybe it was time for a break and we would have managed, maybe not.

Today I got my first crafter to 90, Culinarian, so I can meld my gear myself now. How I did this was logging in before work (it’s Tuesday, reset day), using one of the gazillion 18h +crafting XP manuals, did my 12 deliveries, went to work, logged in again, did the deliveries again and then started crafting some Collectables until I dinged. Then I proceeded to do a few more for some other DoH jobs, but no need to rush it anymore. Also not completely sure where and how much the XP manuals helped.

No great new DoW/DoM dings to report either, although Paladin is close to 90, DRK is close to 80 RDM is close to 60, and I’m slowly getting AST from 70 to 80 as well. Also focusing on BLM a little, so I can have all casters at 60 soon.

Also when I met some friends on the weekend who still play, I noticed I hadn’t really thought about or missed WoW in any form the last 2 weeks. I heard a bit about 9.2 but nothing awesome. Let’s see if I’m in the mood to go back raiding. At least our times would not interfere with FFXIV…

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