Raiding Sepulcher – week 3 and 4

And again I forgot to post a summary of the raid last week, great.

Last week we did the first six on Sunday and then killed Halondrus on Tuesday, at least that’s how I remember it, and we even had a few tries on Anduin, but we only managed to get to the wall phase once or twice and never saw the last phase.

This week we managed to kill the first seven on Sunday and that left us a whole night for Anduin on Tuesday. But one of our healers had toddler aggro so we started a little late and on the last try we killed him, a few minutes after the normal end of the raid, so that was on point. It’s kind of a nasty fight in my opinion. So from next week on we’re gonna skip, but they have devised some scheme of bringing an alt and still doing the tier bosses, I just have not fully grasped how.

Even after getting both Legendaries to 291 and seeing a 252 MH weapon upgrade I am still very much on the low end of item level in our raid, at 254 equipped and it shows in the damage numbers. One of the other Fury Warriors (who is admittedly a much better player) has a full 11 item levels more, but he’s constantly running M+ and is only after Tier pieces in the raid.

In other news, I got roped in to do a +10 Halls last night and of course I was completely nervous and not playing well, as it was the first M+ since the 9.1 launch week for me. But we made it in time easily and I didn’t mess up. When they wanted to continue they were lacking a fifth so I stayed and we timed a +12 Spires. I was much more relaxed in that one, but it was close. With a few deaths and a wipe on the last boss I think we didn’t have more then 30s left. And of course the only drop I got was a 265 cloak (which could be useful for tanking), but maybe I am lucky with the chest tonight.

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