Raiding Sepulcher – week 5 and 6

Week 5 had us clear the first 8 on Sunday, then 2 more on Tuesday and then a few bad tries on the Jailer.

This week we cleared from Anduin up to the Jailer and wiped there 5 times on Sunday – no great try but some good ones.
Last night we did some weird skipping and did the Tier bosses, Pantheon, Lihuvim, and Halondrus. Then we used another id, killed Guardian, reset, used the teleport to the Jailer and killed him. Then we oneshot Guardian on Heroic.

I have honestly track of the raid id shenanigans and I suppose we’re mostly going Heroic soon, just need another Anduin kill for the skip.

It has been a little slow (we cleared Sanctum in week 4, after extending), but it’s a fun tier. Just the age old “my damage sucks”, although I got my Tier legs today, so I have a 2 piece set bonus now.

Jailer defeated

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