Goodbye, Eorzea!

So I just cancelled my FFXIV sub before it would auto-renew next week.
It’s been 8 months and I had a blast (also 2 months longer than in 2019, when I first tried it). I started and finished Shadowbringers, I waited for the expansion to drop, I unsubbed WoW and kept FFXIV as my main MMO for some months, I played through an entire 6.0 patch cycle of Endwalker, I brought every crafter and gatherer to max-level, I raided Savage and killed 2 of 4 bosses (ok, that one’s not so much an achievement I guess). Also all the Tribal rep I started with the earnest goal of finishing them.

In the end I have 4 tanks at 90, healers at 90, 90, 87, and 74, 3 ranged dps at 90, and one melee (+ SMN at 87). I lost steam before finishing those 2, but it’s ok.

Summer is coming and I don’t want to raid in two games, and I like raiding in WoW, whereas here it was nice while it was a novel thing, but it’s not for me – so I’m glad I could step down without leaving the static hanging.

So here are some glamours because I probably won’t be able to log in for a while

FFXIV Warrior
FFXIV Paladin
FFXIV Dark Knight
Dark Knight
FFXIV Gunbreaker
FFXIV Dancer
FFXIV Machinist
FFXIV Astrologian
FFXIV Black Mage
Black Mage
FFXIV Reaper

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Eorzea!”

  1. Huh. I never thought of you as a cat girl sort. Not sure what I thought of you as, but “cat girl” wasn’t on my list.
    I am glad you had fun with FFXIV while it lasted. Do you think a lot of the WoW crowd that tried out FFXIV are sticking around or are they moving on? I still haven’t tried it out yet, but I am curious.

    1. Honestly no idea, but I also don’t put myself in the “WoW crowd” bucket, really – I’ve played MMOs before WoW and had all but vanished for a few years. And last year I started before the big influx, I found it quite funny of a coincidence. I think a good portion will stay, but I’m not sure which part of the crowd. Raiding isn’t easier or harder, just very different. For a casual with ambitions I’d say it’s a lot better than WoW these days – especially if you like story. Also what does casual even mean? We raided Savage on a casual schedule, I don’t think that’s as easy in WoW… like we also raid 2x2h Heroic (so kinda casual schedule as well) but it feels like tons of more prep work to be done…

      Interestingly I didn’t actually know anything about this cat girl thing before, none of the people who wanted me to try the game said anything, especially not that they’re like 50% of the population… As I play mostly female chars anyway, I just liked them best, and Viera weren’t announced yet – I do have a Lalafell alt though 😛

      1. I know people lump Lalafells in with the Gnome crowd as in “let’s sacrifice one for good loot”, but thankfully I don’t get the uber creepy vibes off of them like I do with the Elin from TERA.

        As for what a casual is, it’s all in a person’s mind. (That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.) For someone like Gevlon, filthy casuals and “morons and slackers” were pretty much anybody he didn’t like or wasn’t as dedicated as him, and for a lot of people it’s not doing high end progression. For me, it tends to be someone who doesn’t let the game dominate their life; if your schedule tends to revolve around MMOs, then you’re probably not a casual player.

        1. Hehe, yes and no.

          I think the scheduling thing isn’t a terribly good criterion, if I go to sports practice twice a week but don’t compete, I am still a “casual”, but if it’s a team sport there’s no use in not going after my team’s schedule. I know, nitpicking, but I think it’s more “do I have a problem to just not go if something else is on?” to which I usually say “nope, prefer going out to a bar with friends, but if we schedule I’d say ‘would prefer not-Tuesday’ but not ‘Tuesday is out’ ” – but for the last two years… well I guess it will take a while until I can give a reasonable assessment, if raiding is 90% of my social interaction with people… of course it’s more important than usual.

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