An atypical WoW week

This week in WoW has been a little weird. The weekly was “Do 4 Mythic Dungeons for a 265 item” – and because my iLvl was decidedly below 265 that sounded like something to be tackled. (This may sound weird to people who do M+ all the time, I know).

So the guild was doing some runs and as luck would have it we had 10 people for 2 groups, so we ran 3 – that may have been Friday. So I needed only one more, which we also did, and then they roped me in for more. I was pretty surprised to time a +14 Streets of Wonder despite me never having been there and the healer having done it once when it came out. And then nearly timed a +15 So’leah’s Gambit… Then today I was just missing a little bit of rating so we did my +15 Necrotic Wake and timed it… followed by a +16 Halls of Atonement which we didn’t time, but still easily cleared. Finally a +11 Theater that was just getting one healer alt a key at all and me my 8th key of the week. So yeah, no comparison to the +15 Plaguefall last week.

It’s kind of a shame how good the loot is. I got a Necklace yesterday and a Chest today, so that was my 4-set Tier bonus. And then there are some gloves I could still upgrade and replace my 252 Tier gloves with, and I got new helm.. Not all drops were mine, for example the necklace was a hand-me down and a huge upgrade over my 252 raid one. So yeah, gearing in raids is kinda dead – not only normal, even Heroic.

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