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The penultimate week was wild, I didn’t originally plan t0 chain run M+ again but we were online and so I tagged along and managed to have 8 or 9 done until Friday night, and then I even healed a +10 Gambit on my Shammy, on time. Was super happy with my 21xx rating. So I even could have upgraded everything to 272 if I had had enough Valor, but I’m still working on that. Also the 2500 rating for the mount doesn’t seem to be unobtainable anymore – I’m not sure if +15 for everything on Necrotic and Tyrannical is enough, but we’ll see. Right now I have 2 at +16, 2 at +15, 1 each at +14,+12,+11 and 3 missing completely on time and I’m already so unexpectedly far above 2000.

Then my Gnome Rogue managed to have some drop luck and trade in some Sandworn stones for items, then on to the Catalyst and I have a 4-set bonus of 239/246/246/259 (total iLevel 241). And then I started ZM on the Retri Paladin and she’s at iLvl 232 already and I only have 1 sub-229 item left to replace.

On my Horde server I have only 2 toons left to get to 60, 3 levels on the DH and 7 levels on the Shadow Priest, then I’m set with all classes on both factions – and I started some work on the 2 missing Allied Races for the Heritage armor again as well – 4 more levels for the Nightborne Shadow Priest.

The only thing I’m absolutely not doing is acquiring gear for any single toon besides the ones on my main Alliance server right now. On my old Alliance server they’re all 170 -205 (so nothing from 9.1/Korthia) and on my Horde server they’re 129-186, so all but one or two are just like they dinged 60, and that is completely fine. Still feels a little weird having 25 chars at Level 60 now, and 2 more planned.

And then this last week I blasted through the levels on my Pandaren Alliance Hunter – I got to 42 on Friday and then, despite being outside and enjoying the good weather and running some M+ in the evening, I got her to 57 on Saturday and then (because I couldn’t sleep anymore and got up at like 7) I dinged 60 at 9 in the morning and sent her a set of 226 Anima items – so iLevel 218 already (missing neck and one ring). She dinged 60 just shy of 17h /played. This is nuts.

And then finally, after again going outside for lunch and hanging out in a park I pushed my Highmountain Tauren to 50 in MoP Chromie Time and grabbed my Heritage Armor. Only Nightborne left now!

But yeah, overall it’s a little silly how fast leveling goes, I’m at *checks notes* 26 chars at Level 60 now, 2 more at 5x dinging “soon” and then 5-6 at 45-50 I don’t plan on moving through Shadowlands right now, and I still have one Level 50 boost left!

My only gripe right now is how expensive transmog is, so I guess I’ll be waiting for the next Trial of Style for all those “meh, ignore them for now” alts with very bad leveling gear/early 60s gear. It’s just not worth it 🙁

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