Timewalking and keeping busy

I’m not actually a huge fan of the Timewalking dungeons. It’s a nice concept but it’s only good to catch up gear on alts that just dinged max level, although the chest at the end can be nice. This week there’s also a special thing where you can get a +2 Timewalking Mythic keystone, that’s more interesting, as that counts as Timewalking AND you get a Great Vault reward.

I didn’t plan to run as many, but now I did 5 on Hunter and DK, and 4 on Shaman. Guess I should do 5 on my main Warrior, but meh.

This year I was lucky and got a mount, though.

Infinite Timereaver, yay!

Also what happens if you’re semi-afk and not paying attention? People from the M+ crowd spamming you on Discord for 10 minutes because no one else is on and then you end up running M+ for 4h straight. Was some nice healing practice and higher keys for my main though, lucky day.

This is Blaugust 2022 – post #11.

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