Which MMO mount do you like using the most?

Saw this prompt at Paeroka’s blog (originally by Syp) and it’s a fascinating question.

I guess I’m not one of the “forever” people, if I have a favourite mount I usually get a new, more interesting one at some point months or years in the future and then I’ll change it.

There are a few notable exceptions though:

  • WoW:Black War Raptor on my Orc Rogue (PvP Rank 11 in Vanilla gave you Epic Riding without having to buy it, and I wanted a Raptor and not a Wolf, so I ground Cloth for a while to raise my rep and get this)
  • WoW: The class hall mounts of Legion are all pretty nice and I use them a lot, Raven on Rogue, Elemental on Shaman
  • WoW: The Headless Horseman’s Mount is one I lucked out on getting and a few chars have used it for years
  • At a time, some of the reward mounts for completing a Raid
  • WildStar: My Aurin’s Hoverboard
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A healthy mix, different one for every job, but I do like my Black Chocobo
  • SWTOR: I was very happy when I got a Jetpack for my Powertech and have used it ever since

But overall, if I get a new mount I’ll probably use it for a while on a char, or even longer if it fits a theme, like this one I just crafted myself for around 90k? instead of buying it for 220k.

Freshly crafted Depleted Kyparium Rocket

This is Blaugust 2022 – post #12.

4 thoughts on “Which MMO mount do you like using the most?”

  1. I’m boring as far as mounts go. I typically use the default mount –or epic equivalent– because I’ve found that people in a battleground will underestimate me if I don’t have a fancy mount.

    One of the two exceptions to that is the Alterac Valley Ram, which I could afford as my first (and only, really) Epic Mount in Classic. All those long, grinding losses in AV paid off in that I could barely scrape together the gold to afford it as opposed to waiting weeks later to get enough gold to afford a “normal” epic mount.

    The other exception is the Winterspring Frostsaber Mount on the same toon, mainly because I needed something to do when I dropped out of progression raiding and was leveling Cardwyn via the Old World, and grinding Frostsaber Trainer rep kept me going.

    1. Man, Vanilla and TBC were actually a better place if you went for quality and not quantity. You could pick a single non-standard one and you were already being noticed by observers paying attention. Also the grind for the Netherdrakes felt actually worth it, custom flying mount, how cool is that?
      Yeah I read the Wintersaber diaries, I might have gone for it back then if I had been an Alliance main. I think I actually did it, but much later, somewhere between WotLK and MoP… and the fact that I can’t tell you if I actually did it and when already shows my problem – 300 mounts is too much.

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