Collecting transmogs

It’s Friday and I’m mentally preparing for a vacation trip on Monday, which also means I’ll be missing the last 3 days of Blaugust and I’ve not yet reached my goal of 15 posts per month. More like a stretch goal but unless I’m going for the full 31 (like in 2018) I don’t really feel like cheating by just banging out a semi-random post. This one might sound like one, but I’ll be coming to the point shortly. I’m just not sure if something will come up for the last one.

I’ve been keeping busy this week by running tons of old instances in WoW, in order to finish out some transmog sets. See, at some point they added achievements to have a full set of one raid tier. SimpleArmory nicely shows these under Achievements -> Collections -> Appearances.

Despite me playing a ton over the years, I’ve never actually been in a guild that kills stuff very quick and then spends months farming, so my completion of Tier sets was actually abysmal until I started farming old raids.

The first ones I finished were the Tier 5 Rogue set quite recently and the Paladin Nighthold set, probably also this year, since then I also managed to get the Tier 11 Warrior set from Icecrown Citadel and the Rogue set from Siege of Orgrimmar in Pandaria. My main targets at the moment are Rogue Tier 4 from Karazhan (1 piece missing), Rogue set from Throne of Thunder (1 piece missing), Heart of Fear/Terrace of the Endless Spring, Rogue set from Naxxramas 25 (1 piece missing), and with a little less focus Black Temple and Ulduar.

It really helps to have several Rogues and Warriors and I’m sure I’ll lose interest again soonish, but right now I’ll push a bit more. So there are 28 achievements for raid tiers in previous expansions, and I currently have only 12 of them, and I really want to get to around 18…

Next week there will be the Trial of Style event again (and I’m missing the start of it), but I’m just to cheap to simply transmog 30 chars, so I’ve been waiting for this for a while. I’m not saying I don’t transmog my main chars, but that alt that I probably won’t touch in a few months.. Yeah, Trial of Style free transmog it is.

Now if only WoW had something like tokens I could save up and just buy the one thing I need after 10 runs of the old instance, that would be great.

Thinking about all the transmogs I also noticed that I was missing some of the Shadowlands Covenant transmogs, there are 16 of them – one per Covenant and armor class. Now it’s Saturday afternoon and I already managed to grab the Kyrian Plate one, the Night Fae Mail one and most of the Necrolord Leather one, it’s kinda easy to rush through with decent gear. The missing ones are Kyrian Cloth and Venthyr Mail… for the latter I don’t even have a char that chose this.

Maldraxxus Covenant Leather armor, 6/9 pieces

This is Blaugust 2022 – post #14.

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