Shadowlands Season 4 raids

This is the fourth week of Shadowlands Season 4 and while M+ is kinda ok I’m not a fan of raiding right now. While I originally supported us going down to only one day instead of two days per week – you can’t really get a lot done in just 2h. Today we barely managed to get Nathria Normal cleared (in the order of first continuing the old bosses from Sludgefist alive, then doing a new ID up to Council, in total 10/10) and no one seems to be motivated to go for Heroic after our first try three weeks ago and noticing it’s not a pushover after all these months of no one doing the fight, and no one’s really up for progressing – the only draw seems to be the mount (for clearing all 3 on Fated Normal) and the gear, to a degree. Legendary bow for Sylvanas and some odd bits and bobs here and there. Today I got the missing cloak of the Normal set but didn’t get the Shoulders.

But that’s not really the problem. I’m not really enjoying it, Normal is just too easy for this group, and some people have already stopped logging in for this weird season, and I can’t hold it against them (amongst them our replacement raid leader). I mean, I’m happy to hopefully get the mount – but this 3 Dinar loot system doesn’t excite me. I know I should take the Jailer’s Gavel (would be an upgrade from 259 to 285) but I kinda dislike the mechanic, it just makes most sense. I mean, the system seems fine in geenral, I’d like that in a normal raid tier. Kill 30 bosses, be able to buy a weapon or trinket (maybe make it 20, for 2 complete Normal clears and not 30 for 3 Normal clears, or something) as a form of bad luck protection. But I’m simply noticing I’m not made for farming content. We’ve seen it on Normal+Fated now and I don’t really want to go back. Go Heroic or stop trying.

Overall I’m simply not sure I’ll keep logging in for raids until Dragonflight launches if we’re keeping up this pace of only clearing Normal, but maybe people are actually up for a challenge and reprogressing Nathria after we got the mount, but I somehow doubt it. I think I’ve not missed a raid in this guild since July 2021, but maybe that’s coming soon. That’s not to say I hate Season 4, but I guess I’d be more ok with Season 3 just petering out slowly like in other expansions. That feeling of “being done” – got 2 of 3 AOTC and now for 3-4 months.. just go away and play other games, like I did after our Heroic Sylvanas kill – but instead we got this weird Raid tier, that’s just interesting enough to not just sod off.

Also I’m noticing that I’m in a certain end-of-expansion mood as I’ve been going around and knocking off soloable achievements in Shadowlands. Quests, Exploration, finding treasures, grabbing pets. I’ve not done that for a long time…

This is Blaugust 2020 – post #15.

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