Transmogs are the real endgame

The Trial of Style is one of the most important ingame festivals in Retail WoW because while it’s live you can transmog for free. This is really important if you have too many alts.

Here’s the 2022 Rogue/Warrior autumn collection, a bit heavy on Tier gear this time, but I didn’t farm it for nothing.

My main Night Elf Warrior in Dragon Soul Tier gear
My Troll warrior in mostly Tier 6
My Goblin Warrior in Tier 10
My Highmountain Tauren Warrior in some blue colored gear
My old main Orc Rogue in Tier 4
My Mag’har Orc Rogue in the coolest leveling armor
My Gnome Rogue in 10-man Tier 8
My Human Rogue in something that took ages to color-match
My Void Elf Rogue in something black-colored

2 thoughts on “Transmogs are the real endgame”

  1. I’m biased, but to me the coolest leveling armor is the Defias set out of Westfall. Not only is the chestpiece good for a Rogue up through Scarlet Monastery –you can replace it in Uldaman or RFK– its simplicity in its look is amazing. Probably a close second is the Blood Elf Paladin T9 set. The helm really makes that set come alive, but that might be the past talking to me there.

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