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Once upon a time in 2010 Tam of Righteous Orbs (no, not that one as far as I know) had the idea to collect all EU bloggers who played WoW at the time and form a guild to play together for a bit, this was <Single Abstract Noun> on Argent Dawn-EU. I don’t exactly remember who was in there at the time (I think Jaedia was there), because that was a long time ago.

I started a male Troll Hunter – I’m pretty sure there was a little inspiration because I was watching Kripparrian at the time when he was raiding and making cool videos, but not the main one. I’ve had several hunters over the years, I always liked them, and my second most important char at the time was a male Troll Warrior on my main server. I actually leveled quite a bit in 2010 and 2011 and because this was an RP server, I remember a few occasions of stopping by and looking at RPers in Orgrimmar doing there thing. It was nice, especially on this remote (to me) server with no pressure to level up or get anything done – yes, I’m usually very goal-oriented in WoW and there’s always something to do.

Anyway, at some point I reached Northrend and stopped playing and when I came back, the guild was pretty dead. A single person had a few max-level chars and we chatted for a bit, but that was it. Then I hardly logged in once a year for another few years and that was it basically.

When I bought the bundle of 8 or so transfers a few months back I only had used up all but two and I was still unsure what to do, but I never wanted to just delete this Level 30 (after the squish) Hunter with a history, so on the weekend I transferred him off to a server where some friends play and I already have 2 Level 60s. I changed the name and it’s now a female Troll Hunter who just reached the Shadowlands last night, 20 Levels in current retail are easily doable on a weekend without stressing too much.

Unfortunately I had only made a single post about this but at least it helped me pinpoint the start pretty clearly. So here’s a second post now, as the final end of chapter. Thanks to all who participated back then even if your names are lost to time, it was a fun project and came just at the right moment, in the middle/end part of WotLK.

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  1. Yep I was there for a decent amount of time! I had a blood elf rogue, I know I got her to max level and started gearing her a little.

    I know Softthistle was there, that’s where I met her, Gazimoff very briefly… I really can’t recall who else, it was so long ago! But it was such a fun time. Good memories.

  2. I remember when Tam created SAN! I was so jealous that it was overseas on the EU servers and the NA bloggers couldn’t join in, and the posts Tam made about SAN generated a lot of interest. When Rades created Puggers Anonymous to bring a bunch of the NA blogger friends together, I jumped on board.

    Puggers Anonymous is still around on Moonrunner-US, but I think the only toons left in the guild are my own and Rades’. Lara of Root and Branch left long ago, Vid’s toons are still based on Moonrunner, and I think there’s one or two more people who came and went during that guild’s brief period of activity. I have no intention of ever retiring the guild, because Rades’ toons there deserve a home.

  3. Ohh, how did I miss this post! I remember SAN as well. I only found a single post about it on my blog as well, but then I know I didn’t really play that character very much. She’s level 10 post-squish and still sitting there with her blank guild tabard – don’t know if I was eventually kicked or whether the guild disbanded entirely.

    1. The only thing I can tell you for sure is that the guild was alive 2 weeks ago and the Armory still has it: – so I guess at some point in the last 10 years they kicked some lowbies. Thanks for linking that post!

      I keep lamenting about WoW’s horrible server fragmentation and this is no difference – without bnet friends and communities most people just let toons on their non-main server lapse at some point, as we both did (if not for other reasons).

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