The end of Shadowlands

I’d nearly forgotten that there was a prepatch/launch event, if I hadn’t been pinged via WhatsApp to help with an achievement and thus logged in.

Not that levels mean anything anymore, but this is the final tally of 36 Level 60 chars:

  • Rogue x5
  • Warrior x4
  • Paladin x4
  • Hunter x4
  • Warlock x3
  • Death Knight x3
  • Priest x3
  • Shaman x2
  • Druid x2
  • Monk x2
  • Demon Hunter x2
  • Mage x2

Renown 80 on 17 of them, and I think I maxed out every profession at least once.

All that is left now is grabbing a few transmogs. And actually buying the expansion – not very hyped up at the moment, I have to say.

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