Dragonflight launched

So I did buy the Dragonflight expansion on the day before the launch to get the preorder pet, but I didn’t log in at midnight to play.

Today is the end of the 2nd evening after launch and I just dinged 65 on my Warrior. 1:15h to 2h per level and Dragonriding is fun!

I’m still not really in hype mode, but I’m leveling at an enjoyable pace – but I mean I spent around 8h on the first two nights, so it seems to be good, right?

We’ll see how this evolves, sub is running out in 1-2 days but I have a WoW token prepared already. Maybe I just need some time to get back into the groove.

Also while I’m not a fan of Twitch drops, just leaving it on in the background for 4h for a mount, while stupid, is nothing I’d refuse just out of principle. I got it, I redeemed it, now I just need to find out how I will get it.

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