The road to 70 and first impressions

While I wasn’t (and am not) really *enthusiastic* about Dragonflight, I’m having fun. Took my time to level, went for a little bit of gear (still pondering to run a few M0 tonight before the reset), started leveling an alt, also got that one to 70 last night.
Either I’ve missed it or we don’t have a plan about raiding yet (as in, when does it start, how to prepare) so everything is chill and I’m certainly not repeating the manic prep grind that I had when Shadowlands launched.

Been taking a week off EVE and just played as much (or as little) WoW as I wanted. I like it.

Apparently everyone was quicker than I was but here are my numbers, including reading all the quests, doing as many Dragonriding courses as I felt like (only did Gold after hitting 70 though, and need to work through the Advanced courses now). Dragonriding is pretty fun.

  • 60-61: ???
  • 61-62: 1:14h
  • 62-63: 1:30h
  • 63-64: 2:00h
  • 64-65: 2:00h
  • 65-66: 1:13h
  • 66-67: 1:42h
  • 67-68: 1:54h
  • 68-69: 1:44h
  • 69-70: 2:00h

That’s about 16h, my alt (with a spec I have no clue about) took around 17h despite not reading quest text. Guess I am slow.

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