Not only addons, but a whole UI

Oh boy, so much for my good intentions to go lighter on addons and WeakAuras – with starting to raid and playing a few more classes a lot of small things have crept in and some things have proven to be just too damn convenient, but I’m in the progress of consolidating more things and make it uniform across characters, so I guess the fresh start wasn’t a bad idea after all.

Default view of the 2023 UI (click to enlarge)
Mounted view of the 2023 UI (click to enlarge)

And now for the annotated view:

Annoted version of the 2023 UI
  1. Bazooka hold all minimap icons, most important ones on the right side
  2. Default buff display, not 100% happy as it overflows in raids
  3. SexyMap in the most basic configuration possible, incl. coords and time though
  4. two 3×4 action bars for mounts, professions, and clicked spells, e.g. Warlock summons
  5. Combat Log. Yes it could be behind the chats, but I like the symmetry and actually use it
  6. Details damage meter, usually hidden when not in an instance, unless I forgot, Shift-#
  7. After using some of Luxthos’ Class WeakAuras in Shadowlands, now it’s Afenar‘s set
  8. While healing M+ the default party frames annoyed me so much, back to PitBull (since Friday)
  9. Bartender is gone, these are the default bars, 3 rows with 12 buttons each
  10. Prat for the Chat window
  11. Tama’s Dragonflight helper, it looks like a lot but it’s only displayed when dragonriding, it’s a weekly todo list and some timers for the Community Feast, Keep, and Primal Storms

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New WildStar Library/Addon: NogaCharLib/NogaCharExport

So yeah, didn’t play much today but dug a bit deeper on the Addon development front and this is the outcome:

This is how would use the Library in your own addon:

local NogaCharLib = _G["NogaCharLib"]
local currency = NogaCharLib:GetCurrency()
local base = NogaCharLib:GetBaseStats()
local misc = NogaCharLib:GetMiscStats()
local all = NogaCharLib:GetAll()

Whereas the Addon has just one SlashCommand, namely /nogacharexport, which opens a window to copy your character data as JSON. The README in the aforementioned GitHub repo has example output.

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Bugs and Addons

As much as I overall love the experience (reached level 19 and 11), some quests (especially Path quests) can be awfully bugged. Even worse, unlike in other games, a relog did not help so far.
I had one Soldier mission that was only fixed after maintenance and now I am on the Explorer quest “SCAVENGER HUNT: Relics in the Rubble” which never lets the bar fill up to show where to dig, then after doing the 2nd part it does not even let me dig and the mobs that might drop the item in question… won’t. Reading forums again shows several people had that bug and spent hours killing with no result. As a programmer myself I know that bugs happen – but often you can work around them or avoid them, for quests it’s a bit hard, they’re kind of in the middle of a workflow.
Another thing that bugs me are the Mordesh quest givers in early Celestion. I mean, I know WoW is omnipresent, but letting them behave like the Forsaken and even give them the same voices… really disappointing.
On to nicer things, I am using these Addons right now, they all seem to run fine:

  • Galaxy Library
  • CustomFOV
  • GroupRadar
  • RestXPReminder
  • JunkIt

I also starting playing around on my own, the WildStar NASA wiki is a good start, but it’s a tad slow (maybe only from Europe) and not very elaborate yet. I signed up and hope to contribute a bit.
Things that are awesome:

  • Rover
  • /reloadui is quick and keeps chat history. This is priceless for Addon authors, especially if you’re just mucking about learning the API.

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New Addons and randoms

Running my daily randoms whenever time permits, DPS/Tank/Healer at 80 and Mage at 79 for Triumph and XP.
So far still happy with all the randoms, apart from a weird tank every now and then or DPS where I do more DPS on my Rogue than the 2 others, it’s fine.
When I installed RankWatch, first out of curiosity how much hits I would get, I thought people might be pissed, until now one person didn’t respond and I’ve already got like 10 “Thank You”, because they seemed to have misplaced stuff on their bars, dinged 80 recently and forgot to train or were lost in dualspec 🙂 Nice addon.
On my tank I’ve jumped the bandwagon and tried Tidy Plates and Threat Plates, quite nice for trigger happy DPS in heroics.
Over and out.

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The big Addon roundup

I certainly mentioned I’m an achievement freak, but that’s only an obsession of the last year. I’ve been an addon freak for much longer.
I’ve been putting up a “Recommended AddOns” post on my guild forums nearly every year, so let’s stick to that tradition.
I’ve chosen to file them into one of these categories this time:
  • Absolutely essential
  • Very useful
  • FuBar and LDB
  • Nice to have
  • Installed, but subject to change
  • New Addons

Read more after the break.

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