Vault of the Incarnates – week 8

The Sunday raid saw us killing the first 4 on Heroic and then wiping a few times on Dathea – and on Tuesday we managed to get her down on the 43rd try. Kurog looked much more promising with 1 wipe at 14% and one at 7% on the first night of tries.

For M+, I had a streak of bad luck with Halls of Valor on the Shaman, only the fourth run managed to even get to the third boss. We didn’t time it, but I still got a few points for that +12, in the end pushing me just past 1900 rating and also having done all at +12 or higher on Fortified, and 8 done this week.

On the Warrior I snuck past 2000 rating on Saturday, got my mount and could upgrade most of my gear to 411, with 9 done in total, but only a 14 as the highest, so now I’ll have to see if I manage to get 10 16s done for the (weapon) upgrade drops. Hunter also reached 1400 rating with a few +11s sprinkled in, so that’s another milestone reached (16 in total). So that’s 33 this week, didn’t I say I didn’t plan to do 35 again?

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