WoW’s Trading Post

Last month WoW got a new feature – the Trading Post. I wouldn’t call it a spectacular idea nor an innovative one, but you get some free currency for being subscribed and there’s a bucket list of things to do (totally too easily achievable by the way, if you play a lot it’s done on day one of the month) and then you collect some nice transmogs or pets or mounts.
It’s a really great addition to the game. That is all.

1 thought on “WoW’s Trading Post”

  1. I wasn’t excited about this feature when I first heard about it, but I was pretty impressed that I completed the track in full within a couple of days even as a casual player, without even paying any attention to it at all. So it’s just some free goodies (and unlike in SWTOR for example, they don’t create inventory clutter 😛) – I say hey, why not.

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