Vault of the Incarnates – week 9

The Sunday raid started with some nice quick kills of the first three (however you want to count it), then our first kill of Kurog (9th pull), then the two missing “farm” bosses – Council being a complete mess as usual.

Tuesday Diurna died on the 14th pull after we changed our strategy a bit (2 tanks on her, 1 add tank, and 4 good AoE DPS on adds, plus 2 Hunters on standby for some certain adds), also the 2 Enhancement Shamans on egg duty, with a third helping for the third egg. Kinda fun this way. We finished the night with 3 test pulls on Heroic Raszageth, but didn’t reach phase 3. Still kinda happy with our progress now.

For non-raiding, got 8 M+ done on the Warrior, including a few +16s – still looking for an offhand, 16 M+ on the Shaman (still 30ish ranking missing to 2000 and some upgrades) and then some 8 +11s on the Hunter, nearly at 1700, so that’s two goals for next week. Also been casually leveling my Druid as Balance (66 now) because I want to try Resto Druid healing and I’m not bothering before I hit 70.

A very successful week.

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