Vault of the Incarnates – week 10

Sunday was a relatively quick clear up to Diurna again but that was a roadblock then. Tuesday had her down after a few tries and we could finally go on to Raszageth. With one of our key healers missing and some unspecified messing up on all parts progress wasn’t too great though. We only reached Phase 2 (back on the main platform after the add platforms) a few times. I wouldn’t call that a successful raid week, but it is what it is.

For M+ stuff, the Hunter did reach 1700 rating and got a bow crafted (no proc, so 402), so it’s time for a short break here. The Shaman reached 2000 rating, so I need to grind a bit of Valor now to upgrade more pieces. Still haven’t gotten a decent 2nd trinket, but I did get an Offhand I could theoretically upgrade now, but it’s expensive. The Warrior has finished around 8 +16s, so very close to getting my 10 tokens to try to upgrade my MH weapon to 418, but still no offhand in sight. Also could upgrade a few things a bit more and slowly making my way to 2200 rating. Finally, the Druid did reach 70 but I am a little overwhelmed by the amount of buttons and I’ll see that I can try to heal something easy now, but 310 iLvl is not a lot and I’m not in the mood for grinding gear.

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