Back to Diablo III

A certain someone had pre-ordered Diablo IV and felt the urge to play Diablo, so III it was and I was recruited as well. If we can believe Blizzard this will be the final Season for Diablo III, probably ending when Diablo IV launches in June, so it’s a good chance to get a last session in, as I don’t even remember when we last played outside of the season. Many years I guess.

As usual I was waiting until I could get a quick boost to 70 instead of leveling myself, then it was on to tick all the check boxes for the Season journey up to Chapter IV (but of course I had to do the GR 20 solo).

So after one evening I have a Wizard now, Paragon 76, and need to level a gem, do a GR 30, and do a Set Dungeon. Let’s see how this will work out, this Hydra spec does not play like I had imagined and the combo ultra fast Demon Hunter plus stationary Wizard also seems bad.

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