Diablo 3

Season 28 after 48h

So that stationary Hydra build with a Wizard is kind of the worst combo with a completely speed-fanatic Demon Hunter build, also my Ring of Royal Grandeur won’t drop.

Anyway, after 48h I’m very close to Paragon 200, can do Torment IX bounties solo without a problem and have not gone for Rifts a lot. But we got some secondary chars to 70 and maybe I can manage to grab a set on my Demon Hunter and that suits me more. I’ve often lost interest in Diablo III pretty soon and I’m not saying it’s already happened but I’m not so happy with the Wizard but I’ve also not put too many hours in, maybe 5 or 6.

Something that surprised me is that you can’t do the Set Dungeon with the set you get for free from Haedric’s Gift, so in order to finish the Slayer part of the Season Journey (after Chapter IV) you need to farm a complete 2nd set anyway, so this time no real use sticking to the char I rolled first. It’s weird.

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Back to Diablo III

A certain someone had pre-ordered Diablo IV and felt the urge to play Diablo, so III it was and I was recruited as well. If we can believe Blizzard this will be the final Season for Diablo III, probably ending when Diablo IV launches in June, so it’s a good chance to get a last session in, as I don’t even remember when we last played outside of the season. Many years I guess.

As usual I was waiting until I could get a quick boost to 70 instead of leveling myself, then it was on to tick all the check boxes for the Season journey up to Chapter IV (but of course I had to do the GR 20 solo).

So after one evening I have a Wizard now, Paragon 76, and need to level a gem, do a GR 30, and do a Set Dungeon. Let’s see how this will work out, this Hydra spec does not play like I had imagined and the combo ultra fast Demon Hunter plus stationary Wizard also seems bad.

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Diablo 3: Season 20 – meh

New season! While 19 was pretty awesome and a lot of fun, 20 wasn’t off to a good start. I read a few posts (Icy Veins etc) what’s good to play this time around, because I don’t feel especially skilled or hardcore with most specs, so I’ll happily take “easy mode”. I had fun playing Witch Doctor in the past, so Witch Doctor it was.

As usual I got boosted to 70 pretty quickly, but felt a little weaker than usual, even with my 4 piece set bonus, but despite that I just managed my GR 20 solo (with 7:30 to spare and no death) but only because I got some massive upgrades in the last Rift I did before this. 7h 40mins, Paragon 127, 6 piece set bonus acquired. Let’s see what’s next, so far this spec doesn’t look very much fun, but I’ll try to not be overly pessimistic.

Witch Doctor with ugly Arachyr set

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Season 19 progress

I just managed to finish Destroyer without spending too much time, but I’m not sure I’ll manage Conqueror – sitting at 3/8 and missing these

  • 2 Gems at 55, 1 at 45 – easy
  • 0/2 Conquests done – 3 to 65 should be easy but tedious
  • Ghom in 30s in T13 – medium, easy as a duo
  • Augment Ancient Legendary – easy, grinding
  • reforge Legendary – easy, grinding

But I suppose I won’t have enough time for the 2 Conquests.. Too bad, don’t think I’ve ever been this close to Conqueror. Paragon 582 isn’t too shabby either.

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Slogging along in D3

I did manage to finish the Slayer and Champion Season goals on the weekend but right now it’s a bit of a stretch. I was lucky with my choice of Demon Hunter, only needed one try for the set dungeon with both objectives. I’m 6/8 on Destroyer now and I guess the Conquest of choice will be 3 gems to 65 as this is just a grind that will happen while playing, and the Hellfire Amulet shouldn’t be a problem either. My real problem is that I am not sturdy enough. A real glass cannon. Just did my first solo GRift 70 and I died all the time. Exactly 5 minutes to spare but I was already going very slowly and killing mobs off-screen with this Sniper build – but every projectile or ranged attack can be deadly. Also my bank is already full… I’m a bit clueless how to get better gear right now – the ring of Royal Grandeur won’t drop, so every single slot except Bracers and Belt are either Set Items or MH/OH which are kinda needed for this build. A good problem to have, but being so squishy isn’t fun. Right now I’m mostly grinding T12 and 60 GRifts, but 70 is still really hard.

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New season? Old season!

Back in Diablo 3 for Season 19. Chose a Demon Hunter, got powerleveled to 70 in just under an hour in Torment 6, then I really felt weak. Probably an L2P issue, but I at least managed to grab a few nice drops on the way to Solo GRift 20. Now I’m at 7h 30min, Paragon Level 352 and just did a Solo GRift 50 in 4:39 – really not bad for just a bit of active farming at 70.

Yeah, boring default set

The season isn’t going on for very long, but apart from the frustrating part it’s a fun diversion for a few hours. I haven’t progressed to Slayer in the journey yet, but at least that one shouldn’t be a problem – I have the whole weekend.

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Diablo 3 – Season 13

Oh boy am I glad that I skipped a season, at least I think that’s one reason I was excited all week until Season 13 would start and this is the first time ever that I’m not only happy with my progress, I actually am further than I expected. I don’t know exactly when the Season started on the EU realms on Friday, due to RL I could only start playing at 22:30 – so of course Level 70 was out in the first night. I think I got to Level 20ish, then managed to get to 68.5 on Saturday night before having to quit early because I felt sick and was too tired to play. Doozing off mid rift, not fun. But I felt a lot better after 11h of sleep and quickly went for 70 before lunch. Since then we’ve been duoing as usual and after 18h 45 of /played (with some afk) I just finished Slayer (for the 2nd time ever, I think) and I’m pretty happy. OK, it helped that the Invoker’s Set Dungeon is ridiculously easy compared to some of the other ones.

2018-02-25 19_04_33-Diablo III
Female Crusader with Thorns of the Invoker

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Diablo 3 – Season 11

Four months since the last post and I didn’t really play many games.
I was persuaded to get the Diablo 3 Necro Pack (is there even an official name? Rise of the Necromancer it seems?) and now I’m Level 70, Chapters I-III finished and 3/12 at Chapter IV. 4h played so far and it’s relatively fun. What wasn’t fun was emptying my S10 char’s stuff into the non-seasonal bank. Took an hour, as usual. We’ll see how far this will go, but at least it’s a fun game after 4 months of only Fallout Shelter and a few hours of EVE.

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