Achievements, SoD, M+, Part 2

So we did a bit more M+, I have all the portals from +20 in season 3 on my Warrior now, and thus am a little less motivated, but some people have some goals, so I’m coming along – it’s not like I hate it, just not let’s gooooo.

Also they announced some (maybe big) changes for M+ in Season 4, and probably also in the next expansion then – Heroic will be like M0 and queuable, M0 will be like a +10, without a timer or afficxes and M+ will be lowered by 10, so a +20 in S3 will be a +10. Really good change for alts and people who only do M0, but maybe it will be a pain if you suddenly have people in a +10 who have absolutely no clue and had failed in a +5 before…

We also played quite a bit in SoD (even if I’m still sub 20h), Level 25 now, did Shadowfang Keep with 2 40 friends and are slowly (in normal speed for Classic) through the Barrens. The runes are fun but I like the XP buff more. I’m Tailoring/Enchanting, as proper Classic Warlocks are.

And finally I went for some more achievements, and I noticed I actually did the Hearthstone launch event 10 years ago, with mount and all.

Also played a round of Hearthstone again after so many years for the WoW mount… Also finally trying to finish my Horde Triceratops mount in BfA Zandalar with dailies, and leveling my Shadow Priest to 70 by doing one random dungeon per day and a couple quests. Nearly 69, so then it’s only the unfun Dracthyr Evoker from 64 to 70 and I am done with all classes.

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