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I’m only missing one Timeless Isle Rare now (an achievement actually 10 years in the making) and I am sat camped in its lair whenever I am browsing the web. Also trying to grind out all the “kill 200 enemies in X elemental storm in zone Y” on my Hunter, and a few other achievements (also I did in fact get Vyragosa in Northrend at some point).

The Shadow Priest has been 70 for a few days, working on the 64 Evoker now (a sliver below 67 already), it’s about as much fun (read: not a lot) but at least it’s stronger than the Shadow Priest for complete noobs who don’t know how to play it.

In SoD the Warlock is at 32 and we’re making our way through Thousand Needles, and I started an Undead Warrior on the weekend on a whim and he’s 27 now… more fun than expected, after I’d said I’ll stick to one toon just this week.

The big news today was that they’ll be releasing Phase 3 of SoD on April 4th, at a time when we’re not really prepared. A bit soon for my liking, but I suppose most people raiding at 40 are becoming a little bored already. A bit of a shame, really.

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    1. Apparently it was on a 3d lockout instead of 7d, so no wonder if they cram like 9-10 raids in per month instead of 4.

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