SoD again

Not as much progress as I’d hoped with the Warlock but my SoD Warrior just dinged 40 after 1d 19h of mostly soloing. Was fun up until 39, then I tried to kill Level 37 mobs instead of 34 😛

Had just enough money for the mount, now let’s see how much I’m doing before phase 3 hits, probably just grabbing a few easy quest rewards so my gear is not like 14 levels behind. Last shopping trip gave me 27 greens, still wearing a couple 24 greens, and I bought 3 blue weapons in total, at 21, 24ish, and 31.

Funny that even with the artificially capped Level at 40 you can still do quests and get gold instead of XP, at least I think so. Time to earn back that mount money.

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