Itemization in SoD is broken

So first of all, yes I know that everyone has too much gold compared to vanilla but boy are prices broken.

I just visited the AH on my 34 Warlock. With my spec I’d take any of the following stats: +Fire/Shadow/Spell damage, Int, Spirit, Stamina.

The only sensible but meaningful upgrade I found were pants for 70s, for most slots I’d pay 1-3g to get 2 more intellect.

This is simply not fun. Some friends were kind enough to take me through Shadowfang Keep at Level 22ish and there are several items I’ve been wearing for 10-12 levels now, and nothing I can buy is better. Or affordable if it’s just a small upgrade.

So because I know it doesn’t make *that* big of a difference I’ve been mostly buying cheap options, spending more on solo melee chars (esp. weapons) and less on this caster that is leveling with a hunter, but you might as well rely mostly on quest rewards.

It sucks. In Retail on the other hand gearing has become so unimportant that you still do 10 or 20 levels with the same gear, but mostly because it’s not worth visiting an AH instead of continuing to quest. How about a middle ground where you can sometimes upgrade stuff a little? As I wrote, my Warrior dinged in mostly 24-27 gear, I did have time to visit an AH and I did search for a bit, how about I could have spent a little on upgrading a couple pieces instead of going “+6 Strength to +8 Strength is not worth it”.

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  1. Pretty sure nothing has changed. I wore some green bracers from a quest reward In my teens for a Tauren druid till 51 in classic and tbc I used the same 1 handed healing weapon from karazhan to mid t6 content a year+ later.

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