Blaugust 2022

Yeah, yeah, I’ve made up my mind – I’ve signed up for Blaugust 2022 on Saturday (with roughly 40h spare this time). My official goal will be 5 posts in August, with 15 being a stretch goal (and there’s no reward, only more posts).

Belghast has the details post, as usual.

In the last few years I’ve managed to summarize all the participants’ RSS/Atom feeds into an OPML file, here’s a first version that I did not have time to doublecheck, it will be updated: blaugust2022.opml

Overall I have nothing big planned, just a few bits about WoW and maybe some EVE. Happy Blaugust, everyone!

This is Blaugust 2022 – post #1.

Raiding Sepulcher – week 22

As I wrote before, this turned out to be a very close call. August 2nd (a Tuesday) is probably the last day for EU people to get AOTC, and we’re not sure if we’ll get a raid together this Sunday or on that Tuesday, but… we did it!

Last night at 21:40, so 20 minutes before the scheduled raid end, we had a really good try with less deaths at the start and actually killed him just after the 9 minute mark. AOTC number two done, I’m so relieved. We’ll try to grab another ID and do a rekill on Sunday for one of our tanks, who missed this night, probably one of 2-3 nights this whole tier :/

Not completely happy with my damage (46 Green parse, 35 adjusted for iLevel, 97% active), but didn’t die and 7th place out of 11 in a single target fight.

Wipe counter for Sepulcher of the First Ones Heroic:

  • Jailer 61
  • Rygelon 57
  • Lords of Dread 25
  • Halondrus 36
  • Anduin 24
  • Pantheon 13
  • Lihuvim 15
  • Xy’mox 18
  • Dausegne 3
  • Skolex 7
  • Vigilant Guardian 0
AOTC: Sepulcher
The mount for AOTC: Sepulcher

Soon: Blaugust 2022

Belghast has started to sound the horn for Blaugust 2022 already and looking at the Discord spirits are high and people are eager to go.

I’m currently not very enthusiastic about the whole blogging thing, as you can in the monthly view – this is just the fourth post this month, but there’s been a summer lull in some years, a winter lull in others. Never been a consistent blogger and likely never will be.

There are good reasons and bad reasons, but in the end I’m not in the mood to write a lot currently. I still need to wrap up a WoW project or two, these should provide a post each, and other than that I’ve been playing a lot of EVE Online, and for some reason I don’t enjoy writing about it as much as about other games, so I don’t do it. Still need to get back into GW2, but meh.

But I’ve also come around and signed up on the last day at least twice, and maybe I should go for the Bronze Award participation trophy again… we’ll see.

Raiding Sepulcher – weeks 20-21

Rygelon didn’t turn out to be a big problem after the nerf, so he fell on like the 5th pull on that Sunday raid, since then we’ve been working on the Jailer, but some raid nights had to be called off for tanks missing, and even more people missing. I think we’re down to 38% – when the adds come, but not very consistently. I guess we have 2 raid nights left, if they happen – then it’s over, AotC or not. Not happy.

Raiding Sepulcher – weeks 14-19

Oh boy, again forgot to post about this and need to try to puzzle it back together from logs…

Sunday the 5th Anduin fell, then we continued extending but still sometimes killing Pantheon for the Trinket if time allowed.

Week 16 on Tuesday we managed to kill Lords of Dread, getting up to 9/11 Heroic.

Just before Blizzard announced that Season 3 (and with it the AOTC achievement) would only last until August 2nd, we kinda cancelled our Tuesday raid for lack of interest. This is a bit of a shit timing in my opinion. Like many others I was kinda looking forward to Season 4 as a fun diversion, but only after we got AOTC – and announcing there’d only be a month left for this kinda hard tier was a bit of a letdown.

Week 19 saw us continuing progress on Rygelon, best try is 36% with 17 people in the raid, but unclear if Tuesday would happen, at least it was put back on the menu and not outright cancelled.

Tuesday was a bit of a letdown, with some nerfs announced for tomorrow we voted close to 50/50 to raid at all, despite 16 people there. In the end we tried Rygelon for an hour, went to 20ish percent and then called it after the break and did two M+ groups instead to get a few people more Great Vault chests. Not a waste of time, but I would’ve preferred to raid.

Let’s see what Sunday brings, we’ll have 4 full weeks now it seems and two bosses are missing.

Guild Wars 2 and grouping

As I wrote a while ago, we started doing Living World Season 4 and I am completely unhappy with it. On the weekend one part of a story instance didn’t properly complete for me (someone else’s instance) although we made sure were close together and waiting when going for a next step and now I guess I have to repeat a (long) part, this has happened for the third time now. So basically in all three acts we did I had to repeat a very lengthy part now and I don’t see how much more attention I have to pay, maybe having both computers next to each other and actually listening to the audio of the instance owner before wandering off for as much as a few steps.

I’m literally still pissed, I was looking forward to finally not having to play solo anymore and now we’re bordering on 2h wasted just to repeat something. People on the subreddit told me it shouldn’t be bugged per se, but I don’t know how much more coordination you can do… The story is nice, the rewards are good, but man do I hope needing to rerun it instantly because it bugged out…

For now we’ll probably stick to me starting the instances so that at least not always the same person who needs to repeat everything. Also if it was only a short part I wouldn’t even complain. But the three parts where it happened (The First City, The Road to …, Forearmed is Forwarned) are really long. Bah.

Keystone Master in Season 3

Totally forgot to post about this when it finally happened – but I managed to sneak my way past 2500 M+ rating and have got my mount.


Many thanks to my guildies who brought me from a nervous trainwreck when joining a key to playing a +17 relatively casually. I don’t want to say carry, I think I needed about 2 runs per dungeons with detailed instructions (like what is different and important in higher M+ than in low keys where you can ignore everything) and then I felt like doing things in a normal way, in the end actually topping the meters from time to time. Feels good! So I’d say until 1800 rating I was either trained or carried, however you want to phrase it, but the rest of the time I simply played – sometimes helping out when they needed a stronger DPS when going on alts as they’re in the +20 range on their mains now, something I’m currently not really interested in.

It was an interesting experience anyway. In season 1 we were mostly dying our way through finished a single +10/+12/+14 over time for a chance at Vault loot and now for the last 8 weeks or so I’ve managed to do 4 +15s most weeks, at least 1 every week and even doing 8 of them in 2 weeks. I think I’ve never actually been that close to the iLvl cap for a tier/season.

Back in New Eden – 2022 edition

Resubscribed to EVE and have been logging in and undocking again daily. I’m a bit rusty, but it’s slowly coming back.

Was a bit meh on the price hike but when they did the 3 month Omega + 3 month MCT again I caved in – actually had been eyeing to resub for a week or two before that but glad I held off, but there were actually different reasons for waiting. So now I’m on two Omega accounts instead of three and we’ll see how that will play out.

I hadn’t properly played since October if zkill is to be trusted, and realistically, for my playstyle that’s accurate.

Big patch landed yesterday, r/eve is mostly meh as usual but apart from a few graphical glitches and the Mumble Overlay not working with DirectX 12 I’m good.

Path of Fire complete

Not too long ago I finished Path of Fire after rejoining with my leveling partner after a few years 😛

I liked the expansion and it was fun, although it was actually a little too easy with two people. Maybe we’re still a little traumatized from Heart of Thorns at launch where we’d regularly die to a single pack while just trying to get to a pojnt of interest…

Only the final boss fight is really annoying and we died a lot, but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘hard’ hard, just.. bad? Maybe you can find out how to position yourself better and to kill what in which order, but it’s not very intuitive. I had the feeling I was always standing in something on a melee char if I wanted to hit something, the Mesmer had it slightly better.

Also what’s with the story instances and only the main person being able to click anything?

Anyway, we also found out that you can get the Jackal if you don’t have the third Skimmer skill yet (higher jumps) if a Mesmer gives you a portal to get onto the ledge so you can run up to the Heart quest (or teleport to friend also works, I guess?). I was so looking forward to this and now I’m happy.

Jackal Mount

Next up is Living World Season 4 that we plan to tackle as a duo next week, then probably try to catch up with the story, but I haven’t thought End of Dragons yet and I think we have Season 4 and Icebrood Saga to go anyway.

Not what I wanted, but I’ll take it

Didn’t play much properly this week, but I’m still going to Tempest Keep for my T5 Rogue Chest.

Didn’t drop, of course (on Rogue one of two doing this).

Ashes of Al’ar

But I’m not complaining this week.

Edit: it’s the next morning, 12 hours later, and I ran again with the Human Rogue and it actually dropped! Deathmantle is complete, no more Tempest Keep! 😀