One hundred forty million

Back on track and not forgetting the milestone this time. Last post in August.

Skill category             Points     No. of skills
Spaceship Command         49,269,946  69 *
Gunnery                   21,253,832  46 *
Drones                    11,904,316  22
Missiles                  11,338,591  25 *
Navigation                8,606,589   13
Engineering               7,474,275   15 *
Fleet Support             5,532,130   13
Shields                   4,339,138   12
Subsystems                4,096,000   16
Targeting                 3,435,321   8 *
Electronic Systems        2,863,220   14
Armor                     2,609,805   11
Scanning                  1,899,374   7
Trade                     1,066,275   8 *
Resource Processing       976,960     10 *
Neural Enhancement        964,550     5
Rigging                   679,060     10
Science                   541,530     15 --
Social                    434,510     6
Planet Management         394,040     4
Production                276,743     4
Structure Management      135,765     1
Corporation Management    250         1

* = changes since last time

Skills at Level 5:   149 (+7)
Skills at Level 4:   123 ( 0)
Skills at Level 3:    37 (0)
Skills at Level 2:     2 (-1)
Skills at Level 1:    24 (+2)
Skills at Level 0:     1 (0)

Interestingly by using a few account-bound boosters and switching some training around, my main alt has not reached 90m. So out of sync again, as it sometimes happens.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week 4

Cleared normal in one hour, while missing 2 healers, so stopped for that day. Got dragged into two M+ because they were lacking a 5th, timed a +15 I’d never been in (Galakrond’s Fall) and then a +16 I’d not seen in forever and only once on M+ (Atal’Dazar) and I was in a raid spec and we timed both.

Tuesday was heroic, still one healer down but we got the first two with only one wipe on Igira, then a first kill of Volcoross on the fifth try that day. And then a 1% wipe on the council, fourth try. So close.
From Sunday on we’ll not do Normal anymore unless we need some filler bosses to concentrate on Heroic.

Finished up the 4 Mythic weekly with 2 10 minute RLP M0 runs and got gauntlets again… Oh well.

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Raiding Amirdrassil – week2

Oops, forgot to post the post, fumbled something together, then found the draft.

I’ve not had terribly much time to play WoW, and as of Monday evening I think I’ve acquired a total of 2 upgraded pieces of loot. Running 2+2 Tier pieces is worse than 4 of the old ones, so I passed for some guildies. Still feels bad because I know some of them are just rolling for the 20 iLvl upgrade, not simming if it’s an upgrade. Still, bad itemization if it’s a 5% dps loss like this.

The catchup mechanic in 10.2 doesn’t seem bad, in an evening on Saturday I managed to run my 2nd toon through the quest line (this time not reading the quest text, not having to search, etc) and she had no real problems doing it at iLvl 385ish and is now iLvl 421 which is just below Normal gear in the last raid tier (that should have been 424 I think). Not sure on how many I’ll do this, I’m trying to not just gear all the alts this expansion (yeah I did way too much of it at launch, I know).

Fyrakk down on like the 3rd try on Tuesday, oneshot Gnarloot, then Igira on the fourth pull and 2 wipes on Volcoross. Got a nice 2h weapon from Gnarlroot, iLvl 467 but other than that maybe one other drop, everything good I have is from the Vault :/

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A New Home

I thought it would take a lot longer, but BRAVE has a Keepstar again.

Still K7D-II in Querious, but we’re moving out of the Fortizar.

For me personally not a real change, I have no supercaps so I had all my ships already in the Fortizar.

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WoW’s 10.2 patch – Guardians of the Dream

So, since we cleared Aberrus at the end of August I’ve not really done a lot. Was subscribed for a bit, did some solo casual things, don’t even remember if we did anything as a group.

But I was called to Discord recently and it was decided we’d start raiding today, so in true “guess I’ll have to do a bit of prep” fashion I resubscribed this morning (took the 3 months bundle), updated all addons (some have not been updated but still everything seems to work), checked my spec, started with the new patch’s questing, and looked at the strategies for the first few bosses.

Then off we went and in our 2 hours cleared 6 of the 9 bosses, with 2 wipes on the seventh (no wipes before). Fun was had, drops were distributed (I got nothing), my damage is bad because I’ve not replaced a single piece since August and some people are already a full tier (aka 13 iLvl) or even a bit more ahead. But I didn’t regret resubbing and that’s the only important thing, although I’ve got no urgent plans for any alts or M+ right now, we’ll see.

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Going south (again)

It’s been… a week.
We’re packing up and moving down south, for the umpteenth time. I’ve been in Catch 1.0, in Catch 2.0, in Querious 1.0, in Querious 2.0, and now Querious 3.0. I missed Fade 1.0 though.

So apparently the B2 coalition is folding and a good chunk of corps and alliances is joining the Imperium. Not what I had on my bingo card for sure – especially for BRAVE.

I’m not especially fond of this decision although my stance is not as “grr goons” as it used to be in the past, but I’m still not happy. I know they have some decent people and even in general they behaved better than PandaFam did in this war. So even if I left, I’d be staying away from PH and FRT very much. But I’m not leaving, I’m traveling south and will be watching what the future brings.

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Diablo IV on hold, EVE Online back on the menu

Unfortunately lack of time and a few other things didn’t really allow me to continue playing Diablo IV in Season 1, but I did manage to unlock quite a good chunk of the Altars of Lilith on m Eternal char, in preparation of Season 2. Well, let’s just say I’ve not yet managed to create a new char, about a week after it has launched. Then we had some hardware troubles in the house and have to see if we can even play together in the next few weeks.

But at least I did manage to play a good amount of EVE in the second half of October, so not all hope is lost.

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Diablo IV – Season 1

Oh wow, another Diablo 4 post? On the same day?

Yeah, after exiting the game in a meh mood last night (just created my Seasonal Rogue, never logged in) today was a fresh day and the difference was night and day. I skipped the campaign I’d just done (not because I didn’t like it, but because it felt moot to redo it just after finishing it) and just did some dungeons, events, quests, and worked on the Seasonal stuff. Managed to do Chapter I quite quickly, then continued to Chapter II, which I finished a bit earlier in the evening.

So I’m Level 26 now and it’s really fun – I just didn’t like the Barbarian that felt so weak. Glad I stuck with it but I kinda hate the fact that they gated the Season behind this artificial wall and I had to suffer through this (or restart). Bonus: At Level 10 she already looked cooler, or maybe I just prefer the Leather/Rogue style.

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