EVE Online

Traveling in style

It’s been nearly a month since I posted about EVE, but that’s not for lack of playing. I think I played a lot more than WoW, despite the leveling. But for some reason I don’t enjoy writing about the war, so I don’t.

But last night (2h after I went to bed) I finished training Caldari Carrier I and that means… I have a suitcase now. For people not playing EVE, it’s usually quite hard to move more than one ship at a time, like, the one you’re flying. There’s the Bowhead, a large, slow non-combat vessel that’s mostly used in HighSec, and if the ships are not assembled you can stuff them in a Deep Space Transport, or a Freighter, or Jump Freighter. But when you’re moving your assembled ships, as in move ops during the war perhaps, it’s either taking many, many Titan bridges (or gating), or having a suitcase. Which basically means all Capital ships have a Ship Maintenance Bay with 1 million m3 of space for assembled ships, which means roughly 10 cruisers or a few Battleships. And if you don’t use your capital for fights, you call that a suitcase – and now I have one. First I wanted to go for a Ninazu (yay, Gallente) and bought a cheap one, but then I had second thoughts because our fleets are shield tanked and not armor tanked, and so I sold it (for a profit) and bought a Minokawa a few days ago. And today I finally jumped it to our home system where I can fill it up and then go towards where the war happens. But this was quite some training time, quite some ISK invested (hull + skill books were nearly 2 billion), but now I have it. Oh, and of course I also needed an alt to light cynos, and this means another ~250m cyno ship. Anyway, case closed.

Minokawa undocking

An update regarding World War Bee

In this post Redbeard had asked how EVE’s World War Bee was going, given that Wilhelm obviously was reporting from the Imperium side and Mailvaltar hadn’t posted about EVE since August either. And because I kinda didn’t pay attention I only saw the comment a few days ago, sorry – so maybe I should actually write something.

I’m still not a huge fan of the war, I don’t like the goons but I don’t subscribe to purging them from the game. No problem in dunking them, though. But that kind of limits my encouragement to take part in as many stratops as possible, more so because I prefer small to medium gangs over big ones over 50 or even 100 ships. Unfortunately with the blue donut there are not really a lot of random fights to find unless we go to Delve. And while we’ve been trying to get a few small gang roams in BRAVE in the last 2 months, a few people have left to join some of the dedicated small gang PvP groups and I can absolutely understand them; if that is what brings them enjoyment the most, they won’t find that in a Null bloc in the current meta.

The YZ9-F6 keepstar, originally called Bubblon 5

Anyway, we seem to be progressing quite fine, it’s a bit of a meme now that we needed 5 Keepstars until one survived. I think I only joined the 5th battle which didn’t see any real action. I liked the time in Querious but it always felt a little dead once we had anchored the P-ZMZV keepstar, didn’t really get any fights when I tried to roam solo. Delve is now a little better but I still seem to not find any fights that are engageable with a solo Cruiser. It’s either 3v1 or nothing.

My main is in Delve now in our staging keepstar (and has been in the 3 main ones before this one), but all my alts live in Catch and I’m actively playing them. My highest-SP alt is good enough to fly anything up to Cruisers, so that’s the way to go for all pings in Catch and Impass and I don’t mind burning a jump clone. With the 3+3 MCT deal I’m training up some roles on some alts, would be a lot easier if I was better at long-time planning instead of chasing new ideas every 2-3 months… Also apparently it’s hard to stay on topic for the war if you don’t find it that exciting.

My losses since the war started weren’t actually that bad, the expensive stuff in proper fleets, the Navy Cruisers in small gang roams, but as it’s mostly Querious/Delve… part of the war I guess. But I’m leaving out my losses in our Catch Standing fleet or if we chase away Wormholers in Impass, otherwise it would be a pure tally of what I flew when playing EVE – and I think that would be misrepresenting that I don’t spend all my time in the war.

  • Eagle – 1
  • Muninn – 1
  • Jackdaw – 1
  • Osprey Navy Issue – 2
  • Omen Navy Issue – 1
  • Crow – 1
  • Hound – 1
  • Cormorant – 1
  • Coercer – 1
  • Talwar – 1

Sixty million

Back in April I did a breakdown of my skills for the first time, and now I have 10 million more.

Skill category             Points     No. of skills
Spaceship Command         14,458,987  48 *
Drones                     8,300,550  18 *
Gunnery                    7,717,630  30 *
Engineering                6,762,040  14 *
Navigation                 4,129,060  10
Missiles                   3,917,514  19 *
Armor                      2,545,805  10
Shields                    2,260,080  10
Electronic Systems         2,160,395  11 *
Targeting                  2,154,040   8
Resource Processing        1,015,545  13
Neural Enhancement           738,275   4 *
Rigging                      567,295  10 *
Scanning                     559,295   7 *
Science                      493,525   6 *
Social                       434,510   6
Planet Management            394,040   4 *
Trade                        359,530   8 *
Production                   276,743   4
Subsystems                    65,000  12 *
Fleet Support                 10,500   6
Structure Management             750   1
Corporation Management           250   1

* = changes since last time

Skills at Level 5:    72
Skills at Level 4:    92
Skills at Level 3:    66
Skills at Level 2:     6
Skills at Level 1:    24
Skills at Level 0:    10

Free SP: ~720k

Maybe I should start tracking which skills I learned as well, but the biggest chunk was Spaceship Command with 7m, where the biggest chunk was probably Gallente Battleship V, Amarr Cruiser V, Logistics Cruisers V and the way to Bombers. And then a few Gunnery and Missile skills and misc stuff.

Also my alt hit 20m a little while ago, so here are the numbers:

Skill category             Points     No. of skills
Spaceship Command          5,679,158  31
Gunnery                    2,792,826  23
Engineering                2,708,315  13
Drones                     1,807,132  16
Electronic Systems         1,481,570   8
Missiles                   1,374,964  17
Armor                        933,255  10
Navigation                   931,857   9
Shields                      548,550  10
Rigging                      468,510  10
Targeting                    424,765   7
Planet Management            394,040   4
Science                      258,665   3
Scanning                      98,386   6
Neural Enhancement            93,255   4
Resource Processing           24,250   2
Social                        23,072   4
Trade                         11,079   3

Skills at Level 5:    30
Skills at Level 4:    40
Skills at Level 3:    70
Skills at Level 2:    22
Skills at Level 1:    19
Skills at Level 0:    14

Free SP: ~230k

Although I don’t have the old numbers I’m pretty sure there were Caldari and Minmatar Cruiser V and some other Spaceship and Gunnery skills, my plan here is to be able to fly all T1 and T2 ships up to Destroyers (excluding Command Destroyers), and then all of our Doctrine T2 Cruisers and maybe even all of them, skipping anything Battlecruiser and up (although I can at least sit in the T1 BCs).

Finally part of the war

EVE is a little weird right now, this is the first time I’m on a “deployment” (even if our staging is only 10 jumps from home, often camped though) and so I have my main mostly sitting in station and waiting for important stratop pings, but that’s what alts are for, right?

He’s on 31 killmails this month from those fleets and last night I actually managed to go on a fun fleet with one of my favorite FCs and we also got a few kills, but I’ve been surprisingly active on the alt that had originally joined Brave Newbies in 2014 and that has lived in NullSec ever since (with like a one week break). I’m active in our standing fleet and got quite a few nice fights of our kitchen sink fleet of a few people versus roaming small gangs. Still waiting for my first solo kill, because despite trying badly to roam for an hour here or there I never find any engagable content (Unless I’m in a ship that’s not actually looking for a fight, then it kinda works and I die…). Either it’s a blob or no one (neutral or red) to be found. Maybe the Blue Donut really is too big right now?

Anyway, the skill plans are coming along nicely, my main is brushing up on Large weapons and then it’s time for JDC to finally unlock Black Ops Battleships, still undecided if I want to spend 2-3m SP on Links/Bursts. My alt is at 20m SP already and on the way to be able to fly everything smaller and including Cruisers to a passable degree. Another alt is going Amarr Frigates/Destroyers/Cruisers and coming along quite well. That leaves one alt still training in the direction of a Dreadnought but I might veer off into Blockade Runner for a bit. And that’s 4 of them, another 2 are extracted for money on a regular basis as long as I have dual train running and the remaining 3 are simply used for PI and have no further skills worth mentioning.

Finally, last night our sister corp Brave Nubs had the Corp HQ on a hull timer and despite it being a 1 am formup for most of EUTZ we went and defended it against a LAWN Ferox fleet with a very nice ISK ratio. Well worth staying up till 2 am. The structure is safe, for now.

r/eve on Reddit is pretty entertaining although there’s a bit too much propaganda and shitposting going on. I find it very funny that The Mittani in his latest propaganda piece told the world that they were coming for BRAVE next because apparently a bunch of noobs is more dangerous than they had imagined. Of course you never know what he really thinks but it’s very different to the first announcement where we didn’t matter. Oh well.

We undocked… twice

As I wrote I’m not a big fan of the war, I much prefer laid back fun small 20-50 man fleets than 200 people with busy comms.

But yesterday the stars aligned and I was available that minute and in the mood, so I bought a Hawk (new doctrine, as if I already didn’t have enough doctrine ships), eager to see how it handled.

We undocked, took an Ansiblex, took 2 gates… and waited on a Fortizar. Then we got called back to staging and reshipped into Muninns. Had to insure mine as I think I hadn’t flown it before. So we undocked again, took the same Ansibles, took the same two gates, took some more, took a Titan bridge… and landed in Querious. On a POS. For several people (including me) this was the first POS we’ve seen deployed (or I forgot if I saw one between 2014 and 2017). There we sat, waiting. We apparently were some sort of backup. We only saw a single red Karmafleet pilot in system, and it was Anna niedostepny, of all people.
While I was in Brave Newbies in April 2015 I wasn’t actively playing and missed this thing, but I remember some names. Also no idea if the linked post is in any form correct in the details, but whatever.

Well, back to my part of the story. No one else showed up, but I heard that the Imperium dropped caps on some fleet. We bridged home and I didn’t like the outcome. Doesn’t really motivate me to join another fleet this week. Just bad luck and I guess that’s what you get for being part of a NullSec bloc and I know not every stratop can be meaningful, or fun, or see action. But right now I’m not having a lot of fun, and I’m pretty the side wouldn’t matter.


Work has been crazy the last two weeks, I’m not sleeping well and that’s probably the main reason why I didn’t post.

Been logging in to WoW for only 5 mins most days, collecting and starting Legion Champion missions. So close to 500 on my Rogue, but I might just end up having to grab new resources at like 497.

Been progressing slowly and steadily in SWTOR (9 75s, one at 73). I’m in a bit of a rut now though, I am not happy with the way gear works. Maybe I’m not playing enough (getting the conquest on 2 toons per night usually) but my Renown ranks are not progressing very fast and I’m just barely at 276 iLevel on my best set of gear. As the gear you get is based on what you’re wearing (as I understood it) I’ve been shifting a single set of gear from toon to toon, which gets old really fast. Just an hour ago I deconstructed a ton of 270 gear, keeping only 8 sets of 272-276 gear and one set of 268 that can be worn at Level 71 already. Actually not sure if I’ll continue after this month, but maybe my overall mood will improve next week.

Also not been playing a ton of EVE, the war is boring me already after a week. I wasn’t happy to put my death clone to our war staging as I usually hate traveling just for the sake of it anyway, but at least I’ve been roaming a bit on my alt, doing a bit of PI. Haven’t joined any fleets in a few days though. Maybe all the people who had been playing for months or years were indeed bored and eager for the war, but I’ve only returned 3-4 months ago and was just on a fun ride and experiencing NullSec properly. Then the war came and everything is hectic and different and it held me up by making the things that I was just (re-)learning different.

The flea markets of EVE

There are some things I really like about EVE, for example how some little things can become an adventure on its own.
If you’re playing WoW and want to get a good deal you go to the Auction House and then you look for things and buy low and resell higher. Of course you can do that in your local market as well (although we have a rule against buying and relisting which I wholeheartedly support), but there are also contracts.

Contracts can be for single or multiple items and when you accept them the items are just there where they where. And then you need either pay someone to haul them to you or fly there and grab them for yourself. Also sometimes there are some real bargains to be had, often so-called firesales by people leaving the game or that station, or leaving their corp/alliance and not wanting to haul all the stuff. Browsing through the contracts is like visiting a flea market, or maybe eBay these days. 50% people selling stuff at normal value, 45% bad deals or uninteresting stuff and 5% where you get a really good deal.

Today I saw one of our Doctrine ships on a contract for like 2/3 of the price, the problem was that it was located in Stain (NPC NullSec), not in Catch, and we have some people that we aren’t on stellar terms with who live exactly there. But I saw that as content and not as a nuisance and so I set out with my alt in an Interceptor, burning through gates and making bookmarks and safes. Then I followed with my main, boarded my new ship and scouted the way home. Arrived safely, saved 100m, got a blog post out of it.

EVE and skill queues

EVE seems to have an even bigger influence on min/maxing on me than other games have (regarding real life things like payment). I mean, I have absolutely let an MMO subscription lapse a week before a 2 week vacation to resume it after that in order to not pay those 2 weeks if the dates align correctly, but…

Long story short, CCP has a sale, 49 EUR for 3 months Omega + 3 months of Multi Character Training (so exactly 10 EUR for that MCT), and I absolutely went for that. We have a war incoming and I took the chance to start training a cap alt. And on the other account… there are always a million things to train, even on alts or “just PI”. Anyway, the more skill queues the better, right? I had planned to pay the 2 accounts until the end of the year anyway, so it’s just a few EUR, and if I think I made a mistake there’s always the possibility to extract a few skills and PLEX an account to save on a month of sub later. We all know that this will not happen…

Also I’ve did some respeccing and redoing PI, trying to make money without having to resort to ratting. Actually I haven’t “played” daily for a few days now, but after exactly 3 months of giving 100% a week of lower activity won’t hurt. Still need to login daily and shuttle around some PI mats every 2-3 days, I’m busy enough.

The only toon without a real solid plan for the next months is still my main. I can already fly a lot of our Doctrine ships, so for now I’m simply patching holes where I can’t. Need to find something more meaningful though…

Shooting and looting

EVE’s Forsaken Fortress update from May 26 made unfueled structures go abandoned after a week, and more importantly also drop their contents when shot. And you can shoot them in one not very long sitting.

r/EVE and the greater EVE community is divided. Some find it awesome and some say it’s a bad idea because returning players might ragequit instantly when their stuff which they had deemed safe is gone.

I’m torn on this. Yes, of course it sucks if your stuff is gone. I also think CCP should’ve provided a longer warning period and not just a few weeks between the announcement and the patch going live. But I also think that’s no reason to have the other people have all the juicy loot and so I’ve been in a fleet of 40-70 people for the second night in a row the moment I stopped working. I don’t have a tally, but we’ve popped quite a few structures and between some duds we also had some awesome loot. Let’s see how many days this will continue and how much it will yield. You can probably beat the ISK/hour (been at this for ~16h now) but it’s fun. It’s probably a once-in-a-lifetime event to just go from structure to structure, shoot it, loot it, and continue. Big thanks to our scouts and main organizer.

How to kill your time playing by not playing

Did some industry stuff today and produced 15 T1 Cruisers on demand, made a bit of ISK with a few clicks. Still couldn’t play for real, so I tried ratting in a Vexor, semi-afk. 20 million ISK in 80 minutes. Not great, not bad, definitely thinking about stepping it up a notch to an Ishtar, Gila, or Dominix – but that means a 300m investment and “just” twice the returns, so would have to rat for 10h to make the ship back, and not lose it in that time. Hmm.

Also the 1 week wardec timer was finally up and I could rejoin the corp and undock a few minutes for Planetary Interaction. Running with 6 chars now and only having to spend a few minutes every few days is good.

Also actually properly played for a short while last night and went on a stratop in the Eagle I bought this week. It’s not much (400m incl refits) but it’s the most expensive ship I’ve ever used in all the time I was active in EVE since summer 2013. It survived, and we didn’t get a fight because the other fleet we were chasing (after grabbing that one ihub) ran away.