Slow progress

Didn’t have that much time to play the last 2 evenings, so my Spellslinger is Level 17 now and questing in Galeras and my Mordesh Stalker is Level 8 and bouncing around Woodhaven. Game’s fun, but oh boy, are Challenges annoying. I usually love this kind of stuff, but not when it’s interrupting my questing. I tend to hate to be shoved into doing things the minute someone else decides it would be a good time… Especially if it’s a game. And yeah, you can do them later, but somehow you probably still feel pressed to do it now – you’d be killing those mobs anyway. Ah well, not everything can be awesome, right?
Speaking of awesome, this lore video is it.

WildStar Head Start weekend

We Europeans were lucky, Saturday morning at 9:00  is would have been a nice time to start. I’m not complaining, by 10 or 10:30 I was online and creating my character.
We spent the day levelling, with some extended breaks and reached level 9 in the end. After the initial downtime which was attributed to a DDoS attack it went pretty smoothly.
Sadly the second PC in the household (still on Win7 32bit) started to act up around 22:00 with a permanent (MEM) FATALERROR: OUT OF MEMORY!
Some googling and sifting forums didn’t help and as the plan was to get rid of that a while ago already (WoW had been crashing a lot) this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and off I went. Just that I didn’t find any correct Windows CD, only my keys. Long story short, after some Windows Update fuckups I went to bed at 5:45 with a fresh Win7 64bit. It ran fine for about 6h and errored out twice since. Maybe I need to replace the RAM after all, what I has suspected already.
Bugs I found so far:

  • Percentage in Challenges sometimes drops when it’s supposed to go up. Sometimes you still make the challenge then.
  • UI settings are not saved at all / the BoA bag is gone after logout. Can be redeemed again though
  • You can fall through the world when opening your Achievements window
  • Unstuck only works sometimes
  • Nameplates vanish from time to time
  • Quest tracker sometimes crops quests

Stuff that is awesome:

  • Group does not drop on logout/disconnect
  • It’s fun!

So no, I don’t wanna complain too much, all in all it’s been a smooth launch. Some of the bugs are really annoying, but apart from that it’s a nice game.

WildStar Beta

After originally only taking part in a stress test (the one without a reward, yay) I had the chance to play a few hours on the last beta weekend and levelled an Aurin Esper to 5.
Before the weekend I was totally hyped and eager for WildStar but after that I was pulled out of my dreamy vision a little. I love the graphics, the quests are ranging from bad to nice, didn’t notice any awesome ones 🙁
The Esper is fun, but a primary/base attack with a cast time feels weird. (I am not really used to playing casters…)
The audio bits are nice and not too much, did not capture any memories of the soundtrack.
This all sounds like a major letdown, but I actually think I wasn’t in the right mood to extensively test a new game. That again sounds apologetic, but I’m still looking forward to the launch and am 90% sure I’ll buy or even preorder it, I just lost my “total fanboy” status for now.
Here’a nice overview of beta impressions, let’s hope it’s not a 3 monther.