Come on over have some fun

So for some reason I really like Shadow of Revan and Rishi is my favorite zone ingame. Maybe it’s because places like Hoth are so dull, KotFE is a little too much railroading for me and I’ve done all the sub-50 zones nearly 9 times now.
I’ve just started my fifth journey through Rishi (all this year, although the expansion was released in December 2014) and I’m looking forward to it, despite having completed 2 or 3 playthroughs just this past month. I somehow love the scenery, the quests, and it’s a relatively nice step between some mandatory instances (boo, despite solo mode) and Ziost, which was awesome the first time and already a little annoying the second time. Maybe it’s also because I can do some quests in the order I like, because the non-story quests are actually close by, I get to pretend to be a pirate.. I don’t know. Anyway, my Trooper is on her way to 70 as well now, at 65.5 now after doing a few Rishi quests

Arrrrrr, I'm a pirate!
Arrrrrr, I’m a pirate!

Not all is positive though, I’m trying to get the Conquest done on my freshly dinged 70 Jedi Sage (did some Hoth dailies yesterday) and I can’t get the Ilum Heroic daily. I did it once on Tuesday after the Conquest reset for the week and it’s been in “You completed this recently, come back later” for the last 46-48 hours. So I’ll probably have to do even more Hoth daily heroics… but at least I’m already at ~7500 of 15000 points.

Achievement hunt

I was a very keen achiever in WoW and really tried to get a lot done, in SW:TOR, not so much. Been collecting most of the Datacron and doing “the last 10%” here and there. Oh, and I also switch companions regularly to get the 1000 kills each, but that’s not really effort as just “not deliberately ignoring it”.
But yesterday my Conquest was 60min on cooldown and I didn’t feel like leveling so I wanted to try something new – finish a few of the planet achievements. I picked Alderaan as it was the first in list (how exciting!).
So, exploration: Grabbed all Datacrons, found all bestiary and normal lore objects, unvovered the whole map, and I had already done all the Story and Heroic Missions for both sides. I ignored all the “Kill X” quests as this will either be remedied by leveling more characters, or not in the near future. Not a fan of grinding and I only do it if it suits a purpose, like in a Conquest.
In the end it took more like 2 hours, but choosing a stealthy character (Scoundrel) was a good idea and if I feel in the mood I might do this again some time, probably on Balmorra.
I’m at 12745 points now, fwiw.

Living Legend

SW:TOR launched at ~7:00 my time in December 20, 2011. At the time when I managed to get my Legacy to Level 50 it was 6 years, 7 months, 3 days and 16 hours later.
I’ve not boosted any character, but I don’t know the formula for Legacy XP and whether they changed it in the years – but it took 4x 70 (Command 97,11,5,1), 1x 68, 1x 63, 2x 50, 1x 41 and 1x 17 to get there.
My Jedi Sage started KotFE today and is in Chapter 5 (my second time), but the XP sucks – so I think I’m gonna switch to Ziost or Section X dailies tomorrow, or whatever the Conquest tells me makes sense. Trooper just hit 64 but is out of rested XP now.

Leveling along in SWTOR

Still enjoying my renewed interest in SW:TOR, also the 2nd month of subscription kicked in. I wrote about Legendary last time, I’ve managed to get some more levels since then.

  • Bounty Hunter: Command Level to 97, Item Rating to 231
  • Scoundrel to 70, but that might have been before Legendary
  • Jedi Sentinel to 70
  • Jedi Sage (my main at launch) to 65, just finished Rishi, on to Yavin 4
  • Commando to 61
  • a fresh Jedi Shadow to 33
  • unchanged:
    • Sith Assassin at 50
    • Operative at 50
    • Sniper at 17

So it looks like I want a few more 70s, ticking off some achievements along the way. Command Level 300 is another goal, but as I wrote grinding Dailies at max level.. meh. I’m speeding up the leveling by cycling through toons who have rested XP and that I feel like playing.
I got a little more into Galactic Strongholds (Housing) and in addition to my basic apartments on Dromund Kaas and Coruscant I now own a small palace on Nar Shaddaa which isn’t fully unlocked yet, but I do have the 65% points bonus for Conquests. I also finished 2 of those already, which I hadn’t even tried before.
On a side note, WoW’s Battle for Azeroth expansion is supposed to hit in 3 weeks and I usually subscribed a month before expansions if I wasn’t playing at the time – not sure how to proceed now. On the one hand, one MMO is usually enough at a time for me, and SWTOR is fun. On the other hand.. it has been a while and I’m kinda keen how WoW plays… I might hold up until September or October when the weather gets worse and I have more time to play…

Legendary, a bit late

As I wrote at the end of last year I was trying to get my 8th Level 50 character in SW:TOR for the Legendary flair, and then I kinda stopped playing. Didn’t really play anything the last 3 months, and only a bit of Diablo 3 before that.
But around 2 weeks ago I started with SW:TOR again, first just to try if it’s fun again, then I resubbed quite soon. Anyway, my Zabrak Trooper is Level 50 now, I am legendary, and Zabrak is unlocked as well, yay. Played the Rattataki Sniper for an hour or two as well, so that’s the next project – or maybe continue playing the Trooper for a while. It’s been long enough that I did Makeb, so maybe I should. Or just continue to grab a few more Command Levels on my 70 Powertech, but as usual the endgame grind isn’t really for me 😐

This is gonna be legen -wait for it- dary

After my last post I was pretty busy playing and levelling in SW:TOR but Christmas has taken its toll and I think yesterday I logged in for the first time in 2 weeks.
My most important in-game goals are still finishing the KotET expansion (and so the “main” story minus the latest patch I guess) and getting the “Legendary” flair for having levelled one of each base class to 50, including finishing the story line of the original game.
On KotET, I just started Chapter VI (of 9) and hope to finish it in the next week, as I’m not sure I’ll renew. It’s not that I’m opposed to the game in any way, but it lost momentum and I’d rather have an official break for a few weeks now.
Regarding the Legendary thing, I’m only missing a Trooper class at 50.

  • 70 Cyborg Powertech (Bounty Hunter, check)
  • 70 Chiss Sith Juggernaut (Sith Warrior, check)
  • 55 Mirialan Jedi Sage (Jedi Consular, check)
  • 52 Miraluka Jedi Sentinel (Jedi Knight, check)
  • 51 Twi’lek Scoundrel (Smuggler, check)
  • 50 Sith Pureblood Sith Assassin (Sith Inquisitor, check)
  • 50 Human Operative (Imperial Agent, check)
  • 26 Zabrak Commando (Trooper, y u no 50 yet?)
  • 14 Rattataki Sniper (Imperial Agent, take two)

And *of course* I’d be interested in playing a Mercenary, Sith Marauder, Jedi Shadow, Jedi Guardian, Gunslinger, Sith Sorcerer, and Vanguard as well. ARGH.
Also, maybe I should go into detail which classes I liked most. Powertech is still a lot of fun and after starting again in October this is my main, no questions asked. Jedi Sentinel was ok, but not my favorite. Sith Juggernaut was better, more Charge – AoE – Continue than slowpoke hitting things. Stealth is always good when soloing, but I think I liked Operative less than Scoundrel and Assassin. But maybe I also just really love my Twi’lek Smuggler a lot more.

Welcome to Tulak Hord

So yeah, apparently the big server merge worked (not flawlessly, they had to extend the maintenance from 12h to ~17h and restart something, but they’re up now). The login screen tells me I’m at 9/26 characters although the patch notes say I should have 24 slots – maybe I bought 2 more slots at some point? Unlikely, but whatever. Preferred should give me 12 slots, so still some room.
Had to renamed one of my toons, the Level 14 Sniper. So not sure if I was active enough to have denied someone else their names or those other names were just unique enough to not clash. Whatever – quite happy my ~5 main toons didn’t have to be renamed.
Everything else seems to work, they even managed to keep the keybindings, awesome – although I didn’t play yet. just log a few toons. By not having more than one Legacy and only one Guild per faction the hard merge stuff shouldn’t have applied to me anyway.

Waiting for the big SWTOR server merge

So the server merge I mentioned is supposed to be happening right now, so I can’t play today. 😐
GW2 is still a bit on the back burner (but I do like that I can log in, do a single pvp match and/or a jumping puzzle and some quests and have earned my 2g daily) but I think that’s ok.
I’ve finished Chapter VI of the SWTOR KotFE expansion on my Bounty Hunter (is that my new main? I don’t know, my only max-level character at least.) and meanwhile finished the original Level 50 story line on Sith Juggernaut and Sith Assassin – so three times on Empire side and two times on Republic side so far, with the following races unlocked: Mirialan, Twi’lek, Chiss (bought Legacy unlock anyway), Cyborg, and Sith Pureblood. Played the Sniper for a bit (still on Dromund Kaas), created a new Trooper and already deleted her after Ord Mantell again (don’t ask). Already recreated and ready for action. FemShep’s voice (Jennifer Hale) is a bit irritating, but still really good.
Speaking of voice actors, as I’m playing all the story lines, and mostly solo – I think I can say I’m playing this just like another Bioware Single Player RPG like Mass Effect, especially on the dead server – but that should be remedied by tomorrow, right? I love the voice actress of the Bounty Hunter (Grey DeLisle) and the Smuggler (Kath Soucie), whereas the Sith Inquisitor (Xanthe Elbrick) and Jedi Consular (Nolan North) are kinda fitting but not so good as the other two. The Sith Warrior (Mark Bazeley) is a little inbetween. Honorable mentions for these companions/characters: Risha, Mako, Jaesa, Vette, and Thana Vesh.
So I guess I should finally progress a little more in KotFE, gain some more Command Levels (why do I always stop at “max-level” and switch to alts so quick?) and there’s still a few stories to explore: Imperial Agent, Trooper, Jedi Knight… I also don’t have any Profession maxed yet, but least a few in the 400+ range. Also saving up for that 10m credits achievement. And the subscription was renewed a few days ago, but I don’t plan on stopping right now, let’s see after week 8-9 🙂

So much SWTOR

I seem to have fallen into a SWTOR-shaped hole this last month. I should’ve jotted down /played when I started, but I forgot.

  • 70 Cyborg Powertech – 3d 16h
  • 64 Chiss Sith Juggernaut – 2d 1h
  • 55 Mirialan Jedi Consular – 10d 17h (no surprise, raid char at launch)
  • 51 Twi’lek Smuggler – 2d 1h
  • 11 Rattataki Sniper
  • 16 Sith Pureblood Sith Assassin (new)

I’ve finished Yavin 4 (Shadow of Revan) on the Powertech right now, the Juggernaut is still stuck in Voss (not even finished Episode 3) and the Smuggler just finished the personal story and Corellia and is ready for Makeb (but I am not ready for Makeb again after only a week, I guess).
I still want to start solo-levelling that Trooper and duo-levelling the Sniper and Juggernaut.
The Command System at 70 is a bit confusing at first, but so far no major roadblocks. I’m also working on crafting, as usual. Still mostly happy with the Crew Skill system where you send your minions off. Downside: waiting, but I often browse and chat while alt-tabbed, so usually not a problem.

Suddenly back in SW:TOR

Sith Juggernaut at 38

Yeah, so apparently between all the Guild Wars 2 gaming I got pulled into Star Wars: The Old Republic again. “Hey, I want to play that again, how about you join?” and off we went.
First it was off to a fresh start on T3-M4 (the German non-PvP server) but seeing how the Legacy stuff IS kinda important/nice to have/handy and I messed up and bought my Chiss unlock on Jar’Kai Sword by accident… We started again on Jar’Kai Sword – Sith side.
News is that the 3 German servers will be merged in November anyway. Which is pretty awesome and sorely needed, Jar’Kai Sword has <10 people online in the Fleet, on a Sunday evening. On levelling planets it’s usually 2-5. I have no idea how the 3rd German server fares, but T3-M4 seems healthy enough. Apparently also the EU (English) servers will be merged to one and so will the French ones.
2017-10-08 16_52_58-Star Wars™_ The Old Republic™
Powertech at 30

So, I’m playing a Male Chiss Sith Juggernaut now and it’s quite fun. (Subscribed for a month because why not, already got my money’s worth I think). Levelling is super fast and so far we’ve done Korriban / Dromund Kaas (complete) + Balmorra (Class Story only), then Nar Shaddaa (complete) and now off to… whatever, probably Tatooine, then Alderaan.
Most lovely feature so far: Can save keybinds on one character and load on others. (Looking at you WoW, this needs an addon).
Intermission: Apparently this layout style with images left and right only really works if you produce massive amounts of texts, as I just spent nearly as much time trying to fiddle with spaces, paragraphs, and the images as writing everything else. So I need a filler paragraph with more text, thus this rant about HTML layouts 😛
I’ve also looked into Strongholds and dusted off my other characters, here’s a rundown, but not sure if I’ll keep all of them. (I also seem to have at least one 65 boost…)
2017-10-08 16_52_11-Star Wars™_ The Old Republic™
Poor launch day Sage still sitting at Level 55

  • 55 Mirialan Jedi Sage (old main)
  • 38 Chiss Sith Juggernaut (the new one)
  • 26 Cyborg Powertech (now 30)
  • 12 Twi’lek Scoundrel (now 17)
  • 15 Cyborg Operative (might be deleted, might be kept)
  • 15 Sith Pureblood Sith Juggernaut (might remake as Marauder or Assassin)
  • 11 Rattataki Sniper (probably keeping)
  • 1 Zabrak Trooper (never logged in, but always wanted to try Trooper)