Hawkeye’s Cosmic Prestige, part 2

It’s nearly a week later and I’m Level 33 (and a bit) – this is really as hard as people wrote on the forums :P. I played most nights since the last post, but not much every time. I think I’ve spent 8-9h in total. The Omega event has started and we’re at (3*24)% bonus XP today, that means 96% tomorrow and I’ll do Monday Midtown again and hoping to get some levels in.
And I’m also taking advantage of every XP bonus I can get:

  • Nanotech: Microsurgery Experimental Robots (+45 XP on kill)
  • Psionics: Overmind’s Power (+6% XP)
  • Psionics: Clairsentience (+20 XP on kill)
  • Neural Enhancement: Amadeus Cho (+5% XP)
  • Pet with +3 INT (+3% XP)
  • Legendary: Pot of Gold of Cassidy Keep (+10% XP)
  • Mole Man Medallion (+9% XP and +2 INT)
  • Seer’s Brilliance Runeword (+1 INT and +100 XP on kill)
  • 1/3 Exp. Enchantment of Year (+20 XP on kill each)

Level 33 Hawkeye with 20 INT. Weird. (Displayed Bonus XP of 275% + 185.)
Other than that I levelled Doctor Strange to 47 casually and did a few Achievements (mostly finding the Treasure Rooms in Story Mode) and shuffling some gear around in the Stash by equipping some neglected Level 60 Heroes.

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Phew, Cosmic Prestige

Yep, I did it. Took advantage of Monday Midtown Mayhem and started Cosmic Prestige on Hawkeye. Managed to get to Level 26 (running several XP boosts) in exactly 4 hours.
Finished Story Mode Chapter 1-3 following to this guide as usual (for the rewards, not everything) and the rest was spent in Midtown, always joining the bracket 2 levels too late and leaving it 2 levels too late in order to not fill up on reward chests I can’t open so much (i.e. joining the 15-19 bracket at 17, leaving at 22).
I don’t want to know how long it will take and if my 25h estimation from yesterday for the whole thing is too high or too low, but I’m gonna make it!

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So much XP

Some updates. Spider-Man is Level 60 and a lot of fun. Levelling him was so fast that I decided to try something out as long as the A.R.M.O.R. event is supposed to give +100% XP. So I loaded up on 3 different XP boosts I had in my stash and prestiged Hawkeye twice. From Purple to Orange, from Orange to Red. Each run took about 65 minutes (with 2-3 short visits to a terminal for the A.R.M.O.R. drop buff mission thingy). So I still have nearly 4h left on this +150% to everything buff and 110 minutes on the normal +50%, so I’ll maybe look if I have another 1-2 different ones and go for Cosmic prestige tomorrow in Midtown Madness. We’ll see. Or I’ll level Doctor Strange. An additional benefit of those runs was having 3 Hawkeye Costumes for the blender, which yielded the She-Hulk Lawyer costume, the one I was looking forward to anyway. Now I just need to get She-Hulk as Hero.. as I’ll get my 300th login bonus (Random Hero) in less than 2 weeks I’ll probably save up splinters up till then and after using that one just buy her.

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Sometimes being a completionist is fun. Chasing achievements, collecting virtual things, killing all bosses. This week Marvel Heroes had the Mystic Mayhem event (which should close down tonight) where you could do a quest to queue up for a 5man instance (a run takes ~10 minutes and the queue is hardly more than 2-5 minutes) and are rewarded with 3 Power Points (like skill points in other games) and a bit of permanent health (+63, and a typical Level 60 Hero has ~10k).
So yeah, I managed to finish this quest on all my 25 Level 60 Heroes (even on the first try each) and am a bit exhausted now. Probably gonna be happy tomorrow as it’s sometimes a nice little boost (and for some Heroes quite useless).
Still, TOO MANY CHARACTERS for this kind of stuff…

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Marvel Heroes Update… finally

After the downer with RO I got into playing Marvel Heroes again (last post was June 30th, so basically I didn’t play for nearly 4 months).
Now what do we see here?
Rogue, Star-Lord, and Black Panther went from “just started” to 60 (that’s 25 Level 60 Heroes of 27 I own) and there’s 2 new Team-Ups, Wolverine and Shield Agent, for a total of 5.
Spent 2×175 splinters on random Heroes. No luck this time, but there’s a free token waiting for me in ~18 days of login. (Which will be my 300 day anniversary. As I think I started playing around Christmas 2014, that seems to tell me I only didn’t login ~14 days this year. But many of those were literal 1 minute visits for the login bonus.)
I also bought some costumes (first time iirc). “Armored Panther” for Black Panther, “Avengers Movie” for Hawkeye and “House of M” for Scarlet Witch (they were all on a 50% sale and then between 300 and 400G each) and a Hero Tab for Star-Lord.
Also still playing Lost Lands once per day and Fallout Shelter on my phone. But after hitting 110 Vault Dwellers I’m only keen on the Nuka Cola Bottler and then probably leave it.

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That escalated quickly

So as big as I was on Ragnarok Online, I haven’t logged in since the 22nd of October.
They posted this announcement, which I am quoting in full:

Dear Adventurers,
As we have been aware that bots are polluting our server more and more every day, we’ve decided to act and make botting less attractive than it has been so far.
From now on, the XP and Drop rates will change for both our Free and Premium users.
Indeed, below you will find the comparison between previous and new rates:
As you can see, we also increased the Premium rates as a thank you to our loyal players and we hope that these changes will make our server a better place to live and play on, for everyone.
Enjoy your time on Ragnarök Online!
Gravity Europe Team

And this is my definition of “slap in your face”. Who doesn’t care about lowered experience rates for free accounts at all? Correct. Bots. Who cares? Users.
But I’m not angry, I’ve been playing around a month for free and had planned to give them some money in the future, but after this I just stopped playing. Might come back (although unlikely), then would have to pay apparently.

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Quick Update: Ragnarok

Three weeks flew past and I didn’t really do much than work too much and then play some games at night.
It’s still mostly Ragnarok. Hunter is 86/50, Blacksmith is 68/27 and actually fun to level these days. The Acolyte is a Priest now (sitting at 54/1), the Dancer is 58/13 and my Holy Cross Crusader is already 66/27. And then there’s 2 3x/3x Thieves who will be Assassin and Rogue. Altoholism to the next level. The Gunslinger is stalled at 45 though.
I’ve also started playing Lost Lands on Steam which is F2P and in a genre I didn’t even know I liked. You have a picture and have to search for certain objects in a short timespan in this picture. But graphically it reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and overall it has some RPG feeling to it with quests and stuff. It’s nice and you can play without paying for anything in the cash shop 2-3 times for 10 minutes each per day.
And I’m also playing Fallout Shelter, another “let’s spend 1-5min several times per day” game.

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What’s wrong with… me?

Despite my astonishment in my last post that I’m playing it at all… I’m still playing Ragnarok. True, with Renewal the XP curve got nerfed horribly (just compare these 2 charts, Level 98->99 is 30m, which used to be like Level 80->81), but I’m still happy I’m already in the 80s.
I also got my Merchant to Blacksmith, but didn’t play more – and also leeched my Pure Support Acolyte with another Archer. Exactly the kind of otherwise boring grind I like while listening to podcasts these times.
Other than that, I’m logging in daily to GW2 and Marvel Heroes to cash in on login bonus stuff, but not actively playing.
And oh, the WildStar F2P launch was a complete disaster for me. I mean, I’m not complaining, but I haven’t been able to log in one of my existing characters on Jabbit (PvE-EU) even once (incl the 2 Level 50s /sob) – but I could create a new character on Luminai (PvP-EU) but I didn’t want to level.
Maybe I’ll try again tonight and over the weekend, but if at 100% of the progress bar it always puts me back to charselect, I just might write a ticket after 4-5 days then…

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There and back again

It’s kind of hard to believe (especially for myself), but I’ve started to play a bit of Ragnarok Online again. As usual I can’t decide on a “main” and so I first started a Gunslinger (now 42), then I’m levelling a Thief (31ish now) and mostly playing a Hunter (Archer actually, but I just managed to hit Job 50 and change to Hunter. Here’s the proof:
I mostly leeched a Merchant on a second account on this Archer/Hunter, so actually I could’ve been nearly twice as fast, but I had to catch up on a few podcasts and needed some mindless grinding to think about some things – Ragnarok is just perfect for that.

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Blaugust, but not for me

This is kind of about Blaugust. I’d already read a lot of stuff during last year’s month-long blogging event and I think it’s a cool idea, so check it out if you read this but haven’t heard of it, which I find unlikely anyway.
Sadly it is not for me, for several reasons. I already wrote that I put gaming (and some other things) on the backburner at the moment for lack of enjoyment and an urge to spend more time outside in the sun. Also I usually am doing my biggest holiday trip of the year in August, also this year. Incidentally I am mostly writing this post because I am sitting in a lobby, drinking coffee and waiting for something in preparation of said trip. Then I am really bad at forcing myself to blog. I’ve been blogging on and off for around 15 years I think, so I’d say I know what works and what doesn’t. And finally, I plan to write about my trip extensively, but not here. Unlike a lot of people who either blog under their real name or add personal stuff, I put that elsewhere and that’s why most posts here are just summaries of what I did. But don’t worry, you’re not missing out on my “exciting” life 😛

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